Things to Think About When Getting Veneers

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If you are considering getting veneers, it is probably due to imperfections with your smile that are unsatisfactory to you. Factors such as stains on teeth or chipping are some of the most common reasons that people seek dental veneers. Many of the best dentist Kitchener will study the shape of your face and jawline before the procedure in order to get an idea of how to produce the best looking veneers for you. The following are a few things to consider before and after getting your new veneers.

VeneersWhat are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, durable pieces of tooth colored porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth. The lightweight material of the veneers will feel like your real teeth, which makes them easy to get use to. Most of the porcelain used in this procedure is translucent, which when applied to the teeth, produces a natural look. Dental crowns are similar to veneers, however veneers are not as harsh on your teeth. Porcelain is used in veneers because won’t irritate your gums like other materials will.

Pre Exam

Before you are fitted with your new veneers you will have a pre exam where a plaster mold will be made of your teeth. Your veneers will be made from the mold therefore ensuring they fit snuggly and properly over your existing teeth. The mold is then sent to a team of well trained ceramists where production of your veneers will begin.


After the dentist receives your veneers, you will be called in for your second appointment. While at your second appointment, the dentist will begin to install your veneers. A strong, non toxic adhesive is used to attach the veneers to your teeth. The dentist will then go over different maintenance techniques for your new smile.


Generally, the maintenance required for your veneers will be the same as for your regular teeth. The porcelain that your veneers are made of are virtually stain resistant, so coffee or nicotine staining should not be an issue. Be sure to maintain proper brushing and flossing routines to ensure your overall oral hygiene does not suffer.

You should seek the recommendations of family and friends when trying to choose a dentist to install your veneers. Be sure to inquire about the techniques that the dentist use to verify they are using the most modern tools available. Also ask about the dentist’s previous experience installing veneers to make sure they are well trained in the procedure.

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  • I’ve wanted to get whiter and better teeth for a while. Thanks for the information about how if you want veneers you go in for a pre-exam and then they are made and fitted to your teeth. I’ll have to make sure that I can find an experienced dentist to install my veneers that also accepts my insurance.

  • I have heard about veneers before, but I wasn’t sure about how they work. It’s interesting that they are installed with a strong, nontoxic adhesive, and are attached to your teeth. I kind of thought that you could remove them, but it’s nice that they will stay on for some time.

  • It is pretty cool that they are able to do this. The fact that these are stain resistant makes the idea even more appealing to me. Can you pretty much eat all of the same foods that you would be able to eat normally? I’ll be honest, food is pretty high on my priority list. Thank you for all of the professional information!

  • I didn’t realize that there are important aspects to a pre-exam for veneers. I also had no idea that veneers were usually produced using a plaster mold. I wonder if veneers are covered by most insurance plans, I’ll have to look more into it though!

  • I had no idea that a mold of your teeth is made when getting some porcelain veneers. My teeth have started to lose their color over the past couple of years while also grinding down. I definitely think that I should ask about veneers to see if it will improve my smile.

  • I have been thinking about getting veneers for quite some time now since the enamel on my teeth is not that strong. Just like you said, veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth, which give them a nice white appearance. My girlfriend does not mind that my teeth are not perfect; however, I think that it would be really nice to have white teeth when I go in for some business meetings. Thanks for the post, and I will ask my dentist about the details and how long it would take.

  • Thanks for mentioning how veneers feel like your real teeth. It is always important to remember that considering the aesthetics of your dental treatment can help you decide which to choose. Personally, I would want to find a good dentist to help me out.