Your Go to Guide for Vape Safety

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As part of vaporising propylene glycol (or the liquid in vapes) the coil can reach a temperature of anywhere between 200 and 250°C. Whenever something is capable of producing that kind of heat, there are bound to be some accompanying risks. Nearly all of these risks, however, stem from improper use, and after making your way through this guide to vape safety, you should be more than well-equipped to prevent any unnecessary risk to yourself.

Vaping Technology

Battery safety

A majority of hazards arise from errors in buying, charging, and using batteries. For a start, it is imperative to only buy batteries from trusted manufacturers. Your battery needs to be tailored to match the specifications of the coil of your device. The battery needs to be able to provide not just the right amount of electricity to the coil, but also a surplus of electricity.

Another common mistake that vapers tend to make is to use their batteries for too long. Old batteries are more likely to develop holes or scratches due to everyday wear and tear, and therefore they carry a greater risk of leaking. It is 100% worth making a note of the date of purchase of your battery and taking care to dispose of it after no longer than a year.

Mech mod safety

As you are probably aware, modding is an integral part of the culture of vaping, and despite its innovations, it also has its risks. If you are mechanically modding your vape, you need to be careful that the resistance of the coil is high enough to prevent the amperage from becoming dangerously high. If the resistance of the coil is too low, the battery will start to vent – overloading and releasing toxic gas, and potentially even exploding.


The risk of overheating and a fire breaking out are highest when charging your vape’s battery. Avoiding the temptation to leave your vape on charge overnight can be difficult but it may just prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night with your house going up in flames due to overheating.

It is also worth noting that your phone’s micro USB may seem convenient, but it just isn’t worth the risk – a resident in Camden narrowly avoided death after such a mistake. Using the charger that comes with the vape battery itself, is an altogether safer option, and will have been allocated to that particular vape for a reason.


Try to avoid leaving your charging vape on flammable surfaces because of the risk of overheating. Overheating can also be caused by leaving your device in direct sunlight. Additionally, if you are carrying spare batteries, be sure to store them in a battery case. In combination with the loose change and keys in your pocket, the battery can inadvertently start a circuit.

If there is one message to take away from this post, it is to ensure you that you purchase your vapour equipment from an informed and reputable outlet like Vapour mate vapour shop. A vapour cigarette requires a degree of due care and diligence in order to be used safely and hopefully you now feel better positioned to do so.

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