Yoga Postures, Poses and Asana to Consider

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Given that yoga has numerous health benefits, not many know about the different postures. Some postures aid in digestive troubles, some strengthen the spine, while some improve upon respiration. However, not knowing how to perform these postures can be quite a deterrent. Here are some of the most popular poses, also known as “asana”.


The yogic art of breathing is not just a regular breathing exercise – it helps the body find its perfect rhythm. Popularly known as “anulom-vilom” the breathing exercise, focuses on the principle of breathing through one’s stomach. The theory propounds that the correct way of breathing is to let the belly fall into chest cavity when we inhale and vice versa. Here is how you can go about it.

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Step One: Using your thumb to block one nostril, breathe in deeply through the other. Keep in mind to let your belly fall in. Hold the air in for at least 3 seconds.

Step Two: Use your ring finger to block the nostril from which you inhaled. Exhale through the other nostril, letting your belly rise fully.

Step Three: Repeat this entire exercise for 5 minutes. With regular practice, performing this exercise will become easier.

Triangle Pose

If you are looking for a posture that will strengthen your arms and legs, while improving your respiratory and your digestive system at the same time, then the triangle pose is the one for you! Also known as, “Trikonasana”, the triangle pose improves concentration balance and flexibility in the lower half of the body.

Step One: Stand with your feet apart, maintaining a distance of 3 feet.

Step Two: Step out forward in position perpendicular to your starting position, with both your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Step Three: Inhale as you turn your body to the right from the hips, letting your left hand up in the air while your right hand stays planted by your side.

Step Four: Make sure that your hands are in a straight line, your waist is not bent and your legs are completely straight. In this position, bend your torso forward ever so slightly. Hold this position for 30 seconds. You will feel tension in your pelvis, back and shins.

Step Five: Exhale as you return to your starting position, drawing your limbs in one at a time, starting with your legs and ending with your outstretched arms.

Step Six: Repeat this for the other leg.

Tree Pose

Also known as “Vrikshasana” the tree pose is a mandatory routine for women and for those who wish to improve their posture. It is an excellent pose for toning thigh, back and glute muscles.

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Step One: Stand straight with your feet slightly apart.

Step Two: Lift your left leg and place its pate on the inner recess of your thigh. Note that the toe has to point downwards and the foot should be bent, with the knee pointing away from the body.

Step Three: Raise your hands and hold them high above your head with the palms touching each other. Hold this position for as long as you can.

Step Four: Exhale as you bring your limbs down. Repeat the exercise using the right leg.

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      • Based on this post, I actually took up a yoga habit. And I also managed to keep doing it frequently.

        I don’t know what it is about yoga… but it definitely makes me feel better.

        Thanks a lot for the inspiration, Alan.