World Vitiligo Day 2018

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Vitiligo is a medical condition characterized by lack of pigment on some areas of this skin, this leads to white patches on some part of the skin. In most cases, it has no clear cause but it occurs when the melanocytes which are the pigment cells of the skin are destroyed.
Most health experts classify this condition as an autoimmune disease and they also believe it may be genetic. A part of the skin can be affected and it can spread in some cases.
VitiligoAlthough, it is not a painful condition and neither does it cause any health complications but it can affect the self-esteem of the patients and take a toll on their emotions and psychology.

There are medications that can reduce the severity of Vitiligo but it is difficult to cure. It is more common in dark-skinned people but it also affects other races and both sexes.
The 25th of June is celebrated worldwide to increase awareness on vitiligo and to campaign against discrimination of vitiligo patients and to also raises funds for treatments, research, cure, and education.

This year marks the 7th celebration of World Vitiligo Day; it was first celebrated in 2011 as a memorial and tribute to Michael Jackson who suffered from this condition till his death and since then, it has been celebrated every year to educate the general public, to fight bullying, psychological trauma, social neglect, and discrimination.

The theme for the year is “Children, Research and Hope for the Future”. Purple is the awareness color of the occasion, this day is also dedicated to all those living with this condition


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