#WSPD: World Suicide Prevention Day 2017

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There are many different events throughout the year that were designed to raise awareness about different physical and mental health conditions. Having suicidal tendencies is associated with a wide range of mental health conditions, in fact, making World Suicide Prevention Day particularly relevant for a broad selection of the population.

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 will take place on Sunday, September the tenth. This is an event that has been around since 2003. The World Health Organization endorses it. The people organizing this event strongly emphasize the importance of taking time to actually listen to the stories and struggles of the people who are potentially suffering from suicidal tendencies. This year, the theme is as follows: taking a minute can change a life.

Helping People at the Community Level

The focus of many events like this will usually be raising money. The focus of World Suicide Prevention Day is more about actually making the issues surrounding suicide attempts more visible. Many different events of this nature will also focus on viewing a particular problem on a global level, emphasizing the fact that it requires collective action in order to cure a collective problem.

For World Suicide Prevention Day, the focus is on helping people more locally. Suicide is a highly personal problem. Many people involved with suicide prevention emphasize the fact that it often takes action on the community level to help address suicidal tendencies.

People need to get a sense of who might be struggling with these issues in their own social groups or families. Individuals who want to make a difference for World Suicide Prevention Day are encouraged to offer emotional support to the people who might be more likely to take their own lives.

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Obviously, there are organizations that deal with suicide prevention, and people can certainly contribute money there in order to do their part for World Suicide Prevention Day. Some people don’t have very large social groups, and this might make more sense for them. There are lots of different ways for people to make a difference. Helping to educate others will certainly help as well, provided the people in question have confronted their own biases related to the concept of suicide.

Addressing Misconceptions about Suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day is also about raising awareness about the facts associated with suicide and suicidal tendencies. Some people are afraid to get involved. Reaching out to a person who is suicidal is not going to cause them to actually act on it. People who are being emotionally supportive are not ‘putting ideas into their heads.’

This is a misconception that might end up stopping a lot of people from reaching out to the people who actually do need support. Many of the survivors of suicide attempts or the people who almost committed suicide will report that the emotional support of others stopped them. Other suicide survivors report that if someone had offered emotional support at the right time, everything would have been different.

Obviously, the people who are trying to offer emotional support to the people who are thinking about killing themselves need to avoid being judgmental. Telling someone to ‘get over it’ can make things worse. Ridiculing a person’s problems or saying that they are being selfish or cowardly is only going to make things worse as well.

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Part of the goal of World Suicide Prevention Day is helping people understand the biases that they might have about suicide themselves. Some of the myths about suicide only perpetuate it. Suicidal people need to feel as if they have a reason to go on, and offering them love can help with that.

Hearing the Stories of Survivors

Many people who have tried to take their own lives in the past go on to work in suicide prevention. Hearing what they have to say can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of an event like World Suicide Prevention Day. These are the individuals who have been through it all. Many of them are interested in sharing their stories with the world in order to make sure that more people know that it is possible to move forward after going through something so terrible.


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