World Rabies Day 2017 Will Take Place on September 28th

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The theme for World Rabies Day 2017 is as follows: Rabies: Zero by 30. This is a reference to the fact that the World Health Organization and other major organizations agreed to a goal to reduce the number of patient deaths from canine rabies to zero by the year 2030. There seems to be enough time for that, assuming that activists are able to get the word out about events like this in order to truly raise awareness about this terrible illness.

World Rabies Day was started by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, who continues to organize it to this day. The World Organization for Animal Health, World Health Organization, and UN Food and Agriculture Organization all tend to be involved with World Rabies Day as well. World Rabies Day 2017 is truly a global event in every way.


The majority of the events like World Rabies Day are typically about raising awareness and getting a global conversation going, and this is certainly true for World Rabies Day 2017.

Some people might point out that rabies is a relatively rare disease in the United States and many other developed nations, and this is true. However, rabies is actually very common in other countries around the world. Countries that have more wildlife in particular are going to be at risk for rabies, which is primarily spread through animal bites and scratches.

The rabies vaccination process is going to be more accessible to people in some countries than others. Even people living on the streets or in poverty in the United States and other developed nations will typically struggle when it comes to getting the treatments that they need and deserve if they get themselves infected. Rabies is a virus that spreads very quickly throughout the body and can cause death rapidly.

One of the primary goals of World Rabies Day 2017 is rabies prevention. People who get shots following an animal bite have a good prognosis, but not everyone can access these shots. Inoculations for rabies are also painful and come with their own side effects. Prevention is still the best strategy with rabies, especially since this is a viral disease that can be more easily prevented than hereditary diseases.


Obviously, there is also an emphasis on actually being able to take action for World Rabies Day 2017. There are different pledges that people can sign in order to signify that they intend to do their part in order to stop the spread of rabies and the subsequent loss of life and health.

World Rabies Day 2017 will also be characterized by a move to ensure that more people have access to rabies vaccinations in the first place. This is a problem in certain poorer communities within the United States, as well as certain developing nations in particular.

For World Rabies Day 2017, there will also be efforts to recognize the people who are really trying to curb the spread of rabies. Individuals who are trying to educate other people about rabies and people who are trying to make sure that more people have access to rabies vaccines will tend to take home the awards.

Some rabies education is going to focus on what people should do if they suspect that they’ve been infected, including the first aid involved with sterilizing bites. The focus of World Rabies Day 2017 is still canine rabies cases, of course. People can get rabies as a result of many different animal bites, especially animals who tend to carry a wide range of viruses, such as raccoons.

However, people spend more time with dogs than most other animals. As such, the transmission of rabies from canines to humans will be particularly common. World Rabies Day 2017 events will stress the importance of getting dogs vaccinated so they cannot spread rabies. In an age where there has been something of a backlash against vaccination, it’s important to stress just how much vaccination can help the people who are trying to stop the spread of a wide range of infectious diseases. Keeping pets safe is part of rabies prevention. Rabies is fatal to all dogs who contract it, and owners are helping their dogs and everyone else by getting their pets vaccinated.




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