World Pneumonia Day 2017


If you have ever suffered from pneumonia, you know that the experience is torturous, exhausting and will leave you unproductive for days. Unlike yesteryears, it is not untreatable now and certainly leads to lesser deaths but that does not negate the fact that it is still a life-threatening disease that is looming at large.
Due to global warming, weather across the world has become rather erratic and the sudden seasonal changes contribute to the spread of pneumonia. Added to the fact that it is a highly infectious disease, the situation is more critical than you may think.

World Pneumonia Day 2017

World Pneumonia Day 2016
The World Pneumonia Day, organised by the World Health Organisation, unites people from different corners of the globe in their efforts to fight against this killer disease. It gives them a platform to place their demands so that something can be done to reduce the widespread nature of pneumonia.
More importantly, pneumonia can also be an indicator of some other disease. Many lung diseases like pneumonia or bronchitis become persistent and do not get better. It can very well be indicating lung cancer if they do not get better with treatment, suggests NHS UK.
More, teenage smokers are more prone to respiratory ailments like cold, pneumonia, flu, and bronchitis.
16% of all deaths among children today are attributed to pneumonia, and it killed as many as 920,136 children in 2015 alone. What’s worse? Most of these deaths could have been averted with the right vaccines and precautions – which weren’t primarily taken because of the lack of knowledge.

Why the initiative?

World Pneumonia Day helps brings to light how severe the disease can turn out to be in reality. The events are organised to encourage more health organisations and research centres to delve into research about pneumonia so that new ways to combat it can emerge. The World Pneumonia Day, since its establishment on 12th November 2009, has faithfully helped raise awareness regarding pneumonia in all communities without any discrimination.
Inspired by this day, more than 100 organisations have now come together to create the Global Coalition, which works to reduce Child Pneumonia. According to statistics, one child dies from pneumonia every 20 seconds. That is heart breaking considering the fact that pneumonia can easily be reduced, if not eliminated, with some more advanced and dedicated research. Pneumonia is responsible for the death of hundreds of children every year, and we cannot sit still about it anymore. That is why World Pneumonia Day has become so important to celebrate.

What needs to be done?

World Pneumonia Day is not just about spreading awareness and educating people about how the disease finds a foothold in your body. It is held to promote ways to prevent and cure pneumonia actively. You will find out more about the research that has been going on and solutions that have been scientifically certified. The main purpose is to ensure that everyone knows what options and resources are available to them in case they want to protect themselves against pneumonia.
Being a passive listener is not enough if you want to make this earth a safer place for children and adults in connection to this disease. Unless the initiative generates action amongst the masses, it is a failure. It is upon us to turn it into a success by organising different events or making donor investment.

Getting a Fitter and Healthier You – Understanding Pneumonia

Some vaccines are in place to prevent the diseases from attacking small children under the age of five, but we cannot stop here. Even today, children who are from the lower strata of the society are highly vulnerable to pneumonia.
All children have the right to vaccines and medicines that could potentially save their lives. Often we get distracted by the threat of more dangerous diseases and research work in pneumonia is hampered. World Pneumonia Day is all about preventing that from happening and reminding us that children’s lives are at stake.