World No Tobacco Day Is May 31, 2016. What Are You Doing in Honour of This Day?

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World No Tobacco Day was established for people to not use tobacco product for a 24 hour period. It was first established in 1987 by WHO (World Health Organization) to bring the attention to smokers, and nonsmokers the harm tobacco does to your body and those around you.

World No Tobacco Day

How do you celebrate World No Tobacco Day you may ask? For starters, do not smoke. Do not let friends, colleagues, family or any acquaintances light up. Some towns and cities across the globe may have different organizations to participate in. There are marches, debates, and anti-tobacco campaigns to join. You can also write a letter to your local newspaper in case it is not something seen as worthwhile in your area.

World No Tobacco Day is an observed day and can help bring attention to a worldwide epidemic in smoking. We have all see the big bold words on cigarette cartons and boxes that say SMOKING KILLS. And yet, people purchase them anyways. If just one person who smoked and decided to not smoke on World No Tobacco Day, just think about the difference this day made to this one person and the people around them.

There is nothing worse for a non-smoker than to be close to someone who smokes. Restaurants and bars are non-smoking. They have to keep leaving you during the night ditching you with their bag and drink to babysit them while you look as though you have no friends just so they can have a cigarette. Travelling is difficult. If in an airport they can become quite irritable if there is not an outdoor smoking area available prior to boarding a flight.

When walking outside they just light up not even thinking twice about it. The way their clothes smell, hair smells, their skin and mouth smell. They do not notice it, but the people around them do. The worst is when they say they can quit anytime they want but choose not to. Smoking is an epidemic, but not to those who do smoke.

Smokers – celebrate World No Tobacco Day with someone who does not smoke. Enjoy life through the eyes of someone who chooses not to smoke. You can enjoy visiting a museum or gallery for an entire day, attend a double feature at the movies, or write a note about how it felt to be tobacco free for a day and to realise after 24 hours of not smoking how different your body feels. There are plenty of things to do to keep your mind off tobacco; you just have to want to do it for yourself and others.

Living in larger metropolitan areas and more sparse rural areas will be quite difficult for those who use tobacco. This is why people need to contact their local government about World No Tobacco Day. The more events the community is able to come up with, the more success there will be around the day. If in a metropolitan area where smoking is everywhere, find friends who do not smoke or go somewhere participating in the day.

I am an advocate for World No Tobacco Day. I lost my best friend growing up to tobacco. When her father developed lung cancer it was too late to save him; it had already spread. We have barely spoken in the three years since he has passed no matter how many time I have tried to reach out. Family members of mine who either still smoke, or have quit, have developed COPD or emphysema from the tobacco. It is not fair to them, but it is especially not fair to the people whom are most close to them.

Smokers – participate in World No Tobacco Day if not for yourself then for the people around you. They will be encouraging and thankful you did. One day of not using tobacco can make the world of difference. Just ask your friends and family who care most about you’.


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