World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

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October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It is a very important global holiday for people to honor, advocate, educate and gain awareness. For most of our adult lives mental health has been swept under the rug, but a new generation of advocates is bringing it to light. Let me explain to you why it is an important holiday and why it should be honored.

World Mental Health Day

We have all called out of work for a ‘mental health day’. You’d be lying if you said you have never done that. Work can be stressful and sometimes our personal life catches up to us as well. When I was working and going to school full time, I would need a mental health day to just sleep and relax after an exam or completion of an essay. Little did I know that I was amongst those who did need that mental health day.

Mental health has to do with our psychological well-being. We live in a society where we have to do everything and please everyone around us and we then forget about ourselves. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to do something that makes you happy for your own well-being. Often enough this may not be enough for your psychological well-being and that is how World Mental Health Day comes into play.

We often think that if we are feeling stressed and our world around us is crumbling that we are going crazy; that there is something wrong with us. The truth is we just need to step back and realize that sometimes we can’t control everything around us. We cry, we scream, we get the anger and sadness out of us. This is a good thing people we need to feel the emotion. Walking around numb is no way to live.

Adolescents, teen and adults all are susceptible to mental health. If you live your life, then you are prone to having these issues. School aged children have bullying and exams, while adults still have exams and pressure from employers and family life.  Face it, it is something that is with us until the day we die so we need to discuss it rather than ignore it.

I feel as though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the perfect advocates to bring light to mental health awareness. They want the world to see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out help whether from a hotline or from a counselor to discuss what is going on in their lives. They want the next generation to know that it is ok to seek help as well. They want their kids to have more opportunities than they had with mental health awareness. They are spreading the awareness in the United Kingdom, but their message is being heard around the world.

You are probably asking how you can do your part? It starts at home and in schools. Discuss with your family the importance of World Mental Health Day and to spread the awareness. Seek out your kid’s principal and ask them what the school is doing in honor of the holiday. Tell the principal why you believe it is important and ways the kids can learn about mental health and how to overcome the obstacles that can come up in life.

You can also write an article for your local newspaper stating what World Mental Health Day means to you and your family. Discuss what a worldwide phenomenon it has become due to the press around the world and how you want to spread it to your own neighborhood. Everyone seems to follow the Cambridge’s so you should include that in your article. They are highlighting it in their country, so you should highlight it in your area. Editors love to publish articles about people’s opinions so you should put all of your efforts into this article and just go for it.

So in conclusion discuss with your family the importance of World Mental Health Day. Tell them what it means to you and how you hope to shed more light on the situation. Let them know that it is perfectly normal to call out for a mental health day. We would rather you take one when you need it rather than waiting too late and needing more help.


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