World Food Day 2016: Climate Is Changing, Food and Agriculture Must Too

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Who here is a foodie? Well World Food Day on October 16th is not your holiday. World Food Day is about something more powerful and meaningful than loving good food and knowing how to pair it with the perfect glass of wine or pint of beer. You are probably asking yourself, ‘what is World Food Day about then?’. We’ll continue reading to find out.

World Food DayWhy October 16th? We celebrate World Food Day on October 16th because it is the date we honour the establishing of the Food and Agriculture Organization by the United Nations. This happened in 1945 and we should be thankful of this day every time we see a piece of food in our refrigerator and freezer and also on our plate at home. This day of observance is honoured all around the world since it helps to raise awareness of poverty and hunger around the world.

Back in November of 1979 a former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food decided to celebrate World Food Day worldwide. It has been celebrated every year since, but has been celebrated in recent years in October rather than November. Dr Pal Romany has been active with the day ever since.

Each year there is a different theme to the holiday in order to emphasize the areas needed more help and commitment from others. The subject matter is often revolved around agriculture because if you devote time towards agriculture then the problem can be solved.

Most contributions for World Food Day is by private sector, but public investments also play a large role in donations. This means you can also help with World Food Day in your own area. Continue reading to find out how.

My first suggestion is to raise awareness and money for the cause. Approach local schools, community leaders and your local newspaper and tell them about this event and how you think everyone should help. Start about 4 to 6 weeks in advance so you are able to raise a good amount of money. Post a sign where there is a lot of people traffic so you know a lot of people will see it and update it frequently to let people see the amount of donations and how much more is needed until your goal is met. When it comes to food, people tend to help out a lot both financially and by donating food.

Donating food is also a possibility. Try adopting a place whether local or around the world that needs food. Right now we see what Hurricane Matthew did to Haiti and how they are in desperate need of food and water and other supplies. This is a nation that often needs our help so why not start there or another impoverished town in your community. Inform people about non-perishable foods that you may require or water tablets for safe drinking water. No donation is too small.

Another thing is just giving your time to a food bank or a soup kitchen to show what World Food Day means to you. It does not have to be on October 16th, but I would try to make it in the month of October if possible. I know life is busy, but sometimes you need to give back to the community and help out others if you are able. That to me is what World Food Day is all about.

The theme of World Food Day is usually about agriculture. Hailing for a state in which agriculture is where most of our money and jobs used to come from, I find it very beneficial to know how to grow nutritious and healthy food no matter where you live. Good, rich soil is always a great place to start and so are seeds. You need to know what to plant and when to plant them for the crop to grow correctly. I know this is something I will take part in and educate people in my area about. No farmers no food is a popular saying where I am from and it is easy to see why.

So at the end of the day, do what you can for World Food Day 2016. I know I will be raising money in my home town for those who are less fortunate, write an article for my local newspaper about the importance of agriculture and healthy eating and of course try to donate my time to a food kitchen or soup kitchen for those less fortunate. Food is something we all take for granted, so why not thank the people for the food you have by donating some to those who need it.


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