World Autism Awareness Day 2017: “Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination”

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Few people used to know about autism outside of academia and clinical psychology. This started to change throughout the 1980’s and the 1990’s. Today, with the rise of the Internet, people are well aware of autism and the autistic spectrum, at least disproportionately.
World Autism Awareness Day 2017World Autism Awareness Day 2017 will be held on the 2nd of April. It is the ninth annual event of its type, and this should give people an idea of how much cultural traction World Autism Awareness Day 2017 really has at this point. This is truly an event that is capable of getting the whole world talking.

World Autism Awareness Day 2017 can help a lot of autistic people directly and indirectly. World Autism Awareness Day also creates a lot of great opportunities for the allies of autistic people to get involved. People can talk about the event on social media. They can host their own gatherings related to World Autism Awareness Day. They can use this as an opportunity to start fundraisers related to autism and autism rights.

People in the autistic community face oppression, and World Autism Awareness Day is an event that may be able to help the world work towards a society that has more opportunities for the people who have autism and who are on the autistic spectrum.

Theme for World Autism Awareness Day 2017

The basic theme for the World Autism Awareness Day 2017 is: Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination. This World Autism Awareness Day theme should allow people to make a crucial distinction between an event like this and some of the other events related to autism today.

There are plenty of events and organizations that aim to raise awareness about autism. However, many of these events and organizations tend to treat autism like a dread disease. They really are events and organizations for the relatives of the people who have autism. The autistic people themselves are given a degree of otherness. They’re not really recognized as individuals themselves.

Independence and autonomy are both important issues in the disability rights community. Many disabled people are completely dependent on caregivers for their entire lives. This is not an inevitable fact of being disabled. Plenty of disabled adults could live independently, go to jobs, and live with a small degree of community support that still largely enabled them to be independent.

However, disabled adults are disproportionately sent to group homes. Many of them are never truly treated as adults and a lot of them are afraid that this is never going to be the case for them. This is less of a problem for people who are only slightly on the autistic spectrum. However, as people get further and further down the spectrum, this problem gets tougher and tougher.

Autistic adults often have abilities that many other people do not have. However, they still face a great deal of employment discrimination one way or another. Many employers are unwilling to hire autistic employees. They might also not be willing to make any sort of disability accommodations for the people who have autism. Autistic people often only need mild disability accommodations. However, even these are considered too excessive by management at times. The lack of stable employment opportunities for autistic people more or less guarantees that they are going to be dependent on caregivers for their entire lives.

World Autism Awareness Day 2017 seeks to raise awareness about a lot of the problems that people in the autistic community face. This is not an event that is all about the caregivers. This is an event that is about the autistic people themselves, which truly makes all the difference.

There are many organizations that are tasked with making sure autistic people are capable of living independently. Ending the discrimination that disabled people face every single day is an important task, and there are plenty of organizations that are working towards it. World Autism Awareness Day 2017 is one of the many events that might help people gain a broader understanding of the challenges that autistic people face.

Autistic people themselves might be much more aware of some of the solutions to their issues, and World Autism Awareness Day 2017 can create a lot of important activism opportunities for everyone involved.


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