Six Reasons Why Weight Loss Is Difficult

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If you tried to lose weight, chances are you know how difficult it is. Weight loss is important in keeping the body healthy against the adverse effects of stress and anxiety. The concept is fairly simple and straightforward, eat fewer calories, exercise and lose weight. Knowing why weight loss is difficult may unlock the mystery to finally get your behind off the couch and start a better and slimmer life.

Weight Loss

Your media is making weight loss difficult:

It is the media’s fault why it is hard to lose weight. We are made to believe that being skinny is the way to go. In fact, being skinny is actually unhealthy. As we strive to become lighter we drive ourselves to look like that model on the runway. We want to get that six-pack abs only to find out that we are not primed to commit a lot of effort. Frustration sets in and voila you give up the fight.

Your job doesn’t want you to lose weight:

Seriously, your job doesn’t want you to be lighter. If it did then it would not serve donuts during meetings. If your job is concerned about your weight problem, it should give you ample time during the workday to exercise like the Japanese workplaces do. If your job wants you to live a healthier life it will give you seminars on healthy living or spend money for hiring a nutritionist stationed at the company clinic. Furthermore, if your employers are bent on keeping their employees healthy they will not allow sudden changes on graveyard-daytime shifts for their workers.

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Your lifestyle makes it difficult to lose weight:

Think about this, it is your rest day and what are you up to? Most of us will have movie marathons or have an eat-out with friends. Rarely, we hear people that they will hit the road and run or bike cross-country. After all, it is a rest day and most of us unwind and rest. Sadly, rest days should have been excellent opportunities for the body to get a work out because we simply lack time during work days. We keep on complaining about being stressed out yet we never make any attempts on reducing our stressors in life.  We continue to expose ourselves to situations that cause us too much stress and anxiety.  As a result, we find ourselves resorting to unhealthy eating habits.

You have no clue about losing weight:

Right education is the key to winning the battle of the bulge. If you know what it takes to lose weight then you will appreciate it. It will finally get your behind off the couch and towards a healthier body. If you really are determined about losing your excess fats then make sure to set aside enough time for research regarding the best and most suitable weight loss regimen for you.

You only wish to lose weight:

Do you really want to lose weight or you just wish to lose it? There is a big difference between the two. Some people just wish to lose weight because they are not putting enough effort to do something about the extra weight. The key here, ladies and gentlemen is determination and desire. Without determination and desire all efforts to lose weight will go for naught. You need to have enough determination to resist the urge to eat unhealthy foods and go for lifestyle modification.

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You lack the proper support:

A great support system is the key in a successful weight-loss program. Let’s face it. We cannot do this alone; we need other people to cheer us. Make the effort to lose weight fun and enjoyable with like-minded people supporting your quest to be fit. Take the time to join those fitness groups or look for a fitness buddy. This way, it will be easier for you to obtain motivation and inspire each other towards achieving your desired weight.

Being fit takes courage and commitment like no other. Our quest to lose weight will be easier if we understand the battle and the enemy better. It also pays to know our limits and work on it to increase our chances against the battle of the bulge.

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