What is there to know about Nicotine Addiction?

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Is indeed nicotine an addictive substance? It has been proven that smoking is addictive.  Researchers today try redefine the addiction for smoking as it should be understood as a nicotine addiction. The purpose of smoking after all is to deliver small doses of nicotine pretty rapidly to receptors found in the brain. But the world changes and so has smoking. The electronic cigarette BLU is one of the multitudes of online sites that offer smokers the choice to try out a gadget that replaces the regular cigarette but still offers the nicotine high.

Nicotine Addiction

While smoking, small droplets of tar, that also contain nicotine, are deposited and the substance itself is then absorbed and the bloodstream carries it throat the body. But researchers agree that what cause damage are actually the chemicals that are found in Tabaco and are produced while smoking and not the nicotine itself.

Is nicotine itself an addictive drug?

Nicotine addiction is integrated into tobacco addiction. For better understanding of what nicotine addiction means, one must take into consideration both socio-cultural and behavioral influences.

It also depends on what procedure one uses to get nicotine into his system and achieve the nicotine high he so much desires. The smoke from pipes and usual cigars has been found to be more irritating that the smoke from cigarettes. Also, it’s a different chemical constitution that allows the nicotine to be absorbed through the mouth.

The problem with quitting smoking is the addiction to nicotine:

Specialist sustain that there is a difference between the manufactured cigarettes in the way that the nicotine is delivered as opposed to other devices. The oral tobacco containing nicotine gives the same effect but less risk factors. Trying to get people to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke is ridiculous. Most effects of nicotine wear off in a couple of hours. When it comes to extracting nicotine, no other product is used or this purpose but tobacco.

Smoking evolution

Today technology offers smokers the opportunity to smoke but without using tobacco. Only the main element remains, the nicotine. Electronic cigars have been invented 13 years ago and are becoming more and more popular by the day. They allow the nicotine to be absorbed just like smoking a normal cigarette but there is not fire involved and also no smoke. The smoker inhales a vapor that also contains the much desired nicotine. Smokers can try to get their nicotine in modern ways that eliminate some of the disadvantages of regular smoking.

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Hellen Brooke has written many articles about health, lifestyle, technology and travel. She is particularly interested in the subject of electronic cigarettes. She believes that the blu electronic cigarette is an excellent choice for newbie smokers.

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  • This is so important and in our relative terms, the nicotine addiction is one of the greatest scares that have long term affects. We really cant deal with it otherwise. The yucky effects of these can ruin lives and it is important for young ones to understand.

  • Hi, nice article, Nicotine addiction is integrated into tobacco addiction. Nicotine addiction one must take into consideration both socio-cultural and behavioral influences.