Ways To Get Help With Your Medical Expenses

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Once you have received medical bills from an illness or injury, how are you going to pay them off? Medical insurance only pays part of the bills, and you could still owe thousands of dollars. Bills may be continuous and add up quickly. The following are ideas that might help to pay off medical bills.

Medical Credit Card

Get a personal injury lawyer

If your medical bills are from an auto or other accident, including a fall that happened outside of the home, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. According to Braithwaite Boyle Accident Injury Law, Fort McMurray injury lawyers, you can get compensation if you have pain, suffering or have limited abilities due to an accident. Lawyers can also get your compensation if you have suffered a loss of a limb or the loss of a loved one due to an accident.

Apply for Medicaid or Medicaid Spend Down

Medicaid is a governmental medical assistance program for low-income people. When your income is too high to qualify for Medicaid, but you owe money on medical bills, you could qualify for Medicaid Spend Down. With Medicaid Spend Down, you can send them your medical bills and each month they will pay the bills down some.

Apply for government assistance programs

Get assistance from your local government or community action agencies for help with medical bills, rent, utility bills, debts, and food. State programs, pharmaceutical companies, and local health clinics provide help paying medical bills or help getting health care.

Apply for charity programs

Most hospitals and doctor’s offices have charity programs. Charity programs will pay part or all of your medical bills. Charity programs at doctors offices also give discounts on future appointments.

Negotiate on a settlement with the medical provider

When medical bills go to a collection agency, only a small percentage of the bills are paid; for this reason, hospitals and doctors will agree on a lower price for the bills. Negotiate an amount you and the medical provider agree on. It is possible to get your bills reduced in half or more.

Work out a payment plan

Most medical bills do not go to the Credit Bureau, so they do not go against your credit score. Agreeing to pay a small monthly amount, such as $10 or $20 dollars monthly, will satisfy most medical providers. It will also keep the bills from going to a collection agency.

Start a fundraiser

It is possible to raise money for anything. Fundly is a donation website that can teach you how to raise funds online. It also has a secure payment processor and a phone app.

As described above, there are many ways to pay off, or at least reduce, medical expenses. Whether you use governmental assistance, get help from your medical provider, or both, it will make a huge difference.

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