The Ultimate Diamond Buyer’s Guide

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While you can always find a variety of beautiful diamonds all around, you have to watch carefully when finding them. Your Diamond Teacher can help you to understand what you should be getting out of different kinds of diamonds that you can find today. But it is even more important for you to understand yourself just how diamonds can be organized and what makes individual ones stand out a little more than others.

Diamond Buyer

Review the Four Cs

The Four Cs are important to any decision you make over a diamond. The color of the diamond, its clarity, its overall cut and its weight in carats are essential to review. A great diamond needs to have a clear color that is clear and doesn’t have any foggy or opaque spots for it to truly stand out. Anything that has more carats is also more valuable as the mass increases.

The cut is especially important to look into. The cut can come in many forms to create an appealing shape. It can also establish a variety of flat surfaces around many spots. The cut also has to be properly perpendicular to make for a more attractive overall look. It must also be perfect enough to where it does not leave any scratches or rough edges that might otherwise detract from a perfect overall design.

Check All Markets Carefully

You should review as many different markets as possible when finding a great diamond. This includes a review of not only prominent jewelry stores that sell diamonds but also the secondary market. You can even contact direct diamond sellers if interested. The key is to just look around at your options so you can find a better selection plus options that fit your price range.

Any place that you plan on buying a diamond from should give you the option to look around and see what is available. This is to give you great ideas on what you can find while possibly offering a more up-close look at different options for sale.

Look At Design Trends

Check on whatever design trends are ongoing within the industry. You might come across some interesting ideas when finding great diamonds. You will notice that there are many great trends based on the types of cuts that are available and how certain shapes work. Some diamonds may also be designed to fit certain metal bases. Look around to see what trends are available when finding something of value to you.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are several mistakes that you must avoid if you want to get the most out of buying a diamond:

  • Don’t stick to just a few options. Some diamond stores might show you a few diamonds that they claim are their best but they might not have the best values. Also, your demands for a great diamond might vary based on what you can get.
  • Buying a deeply cut diamond can be a risk. Such diamonds are more expensive because their carat weights are hidden in the bottom areas where they are not as visible. Such diamonds are not cut as well and are often inflated heavily in their design to make them cost extra.
  • You might also make the mistake of not looking at a proper color chart. Such a chart can help you make a decision on getting a certain diamond based on its overall hue and tone. This can be risky if you are not careful enough as you might choose a diamond that is too yellowish in its tone without really thinking about it.
  • You might also forget to look at how different diamond shapes work. This is important as many diamonds might show off their colors a little more based on their shapes.

Watch For Fakes

The most important mistake that people often make when finding diamonds is that they come across fake ones without even knowing it. Fake diamonds are often spotted with a few characteristics in mind:

  • They are typically heavier in their feel than real ones.
  • They can also produce rainbow-toned hues when they reflect light. This is something that a real diamond is going to produce.
  • Many of these are also sold one-on-one to customers. That is, they are sold by individuals without the backing of any kind of retailer or other outlet that offers a guarantee on each individual diamond being sold.

Such problems are commonplace in today’s diamond market. You have to be careful when finding diamonds so you will not come across anything that might not be all that attractive or interesting in any way.

Be careful when looking for great diamonds. It is easy to make a simple mistake when trying to find a quality diamond as there are so many different variables that can go into finding such a diamond for any intention you might hold.

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