Truppr Chat #4 : Obesity In Children

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Obesity in Children is a condition where excess body fat negatively affects a child’s health or well being.

A child can be over-weight, so don’t over-feed your child. Don’t think a chubby child is a sign of good living. Over pampering a child with too much food can make the child obese and other children at school will make fun of your child and probably call him/her fat. Which may affect the child emotionally.

obesity in children

Encourage your obese child to eat healthy. Eat what you will want your child to eat to be fit. For example, If you take ice cream and tell your daughter not to, your daughter will think you don’t like her

This week on Truppr Chat we discussed Obesity in Children and the show was brought to you in partnership with mamalette – mamalette is a support community for pregnant women and new mothers.

We had two enlightened mothers join Tunmise on the show to discuss Obesity in Children. Anike Lawal, CEO/Founder of mamalette and Folake Okunubi, Human Resource Personnel.

A lot of great points were raised about Obesity in Kids and different ways you can curb it, listen to the show and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Be a role model to your children.

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