Truppr Chat #2: Eating Healthy on a Budget

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A lot of us would agree that eating healthy is perceived as something you do when you’re comfortable. Low-fat, oil-free, organic are all labels usually found on more expensive food options.

But with more people becoming aware of the need to be more conscious of what they put in the mouths, this begs the questions – “is eating healthy expensive?” and “can I eat healthy without breaking the bank?

We had a nutritionist, Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun who had a lot to talk about on Eating Healthy.

Eating HealthyThis episode was able to educate a lot of people on eating healthy and how you can do that on a budget. It was also aimed at exploring the options open to those of us who want to keep our food budget tight while eating healthy.

An argument was raised about imported meals been expensive and not locally produced healthy meals, let’s know your thoughts while you listen.

Listen to the episode below;

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