Transgender Female Student Ban From All Locker Rooms for Being Different

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A transgender student was recently stopped from taking shelter is both the male and female locker room during an emergency drill in her school last week.

According to reports by the LGBT rights group, the trans student who identifies as a female was stopped from using both the male and female locker room during a physical health education exercise while the teachers gathered to  “discuss where she should go,”

“The student was forced to watch the adults charged with her care, debate the safest place (for the other students) to have her shelter,” the report continued. “During this debate, she was instructed to sit in the gym with a teacher until the drill was complete, away from her peers and identified as different.”

According to Equality Stafford, the student whose identity has been made anonymous, was instructed to wait in the corridor of a locker room while school authorities discussed her case.

“This happened because the child, in addition to being a model student, also happens to be transgender,” the report continued. “During an event that prepares children to survive an attack by actual assailants, she was treated as if she was so much of a danger to peers that she was left exposed and vulnerable.”

A spokesperson for Stafford County Public Schools  has refused to make any comment on the issue saying she would not want to divulge  information that are confidential.

“However, the new superintendent has requested a review of all protocols and procedures to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect,” spokesperson Sherrie Johnson said to WUSA in a statement. “We take such matters very seriously and they will be addressed. The welfare of all students is of the utmost importance for SCPS.”

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Sherrie refused to give an opinion on whether or not the student should be allowed to use the female locker room since she identifies as a girl. She however said that the there would be a review on the district’s safe procedures and policies.

Equality Standford has however called for a meeting for parents and other members of the society to gather on Tuesday night as regards this matter.

  “We need you to come and lend your voice to the growing cry,” the group’s Facebook post continued. “This is unacceptable, this cannot happen to one more child. Not one more in the county. Not ever again.”

According to Lesley Woods, who works as a facilitator for the LGBT support group, this recent incident is “nothing new” for the girl and her family.

“They are a solid family and they are very much in support of their child, and they are really solid advocates for the community,” Lesley shared. “So I would say, all in all, the rest of us are shocked and appalled and motivated to come and speak and learn. But this family — this is their life every day.”

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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