Top Makeup Brands

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Fashion industry is much more powerful than some might think. Sometimes it has a positive influence, sometimes people become the prisoners of trends. However, even if you don’t want to acknowledge this, fashion is a much older phenomenon than you may think. Ancient Greek jewellery and Egyptian baths – it all belongs here.

Makeup BrandsBrands didn’t exist the way we know them now. On the other hand, there were famous Chinese silk, Indian and Turkish fabrics. Just makeup was different, as tastes in countries all around the world differed as much as the availability of products to make them of.

It is obvious that nowadays fashion has gone global. There are unique trends in different countries, but still Milan, Paris, New York and maybe some more giants of the industry dictate what is good and what it not. As a result, global makeup clothing and makeup trends emerged. This is what is going on with cosmetics today.

Green makeup brands

Makeup Brands

One of the interesting tendencies that become so widespread lately is taking care of the environment. This is a completely positive trend, supported by representatives of diverse fields. As a result, some makeup manufacturers ‘gone green’, too. It doesn’t mean just taking care of environment, but caring about your health and appearance. Here are the leaders in this field and what to try if you haven’t done yet.


is a French company, which promotes the green line separately from the main line of products. Top choices are body lotion, waterproof eyeliner, lipstick and gloss pencil.

Josie Maran:

is cosmetics free of any petrochemicals parabens or phthalates. It is the winner of numerous awards from the most respectable beauty magazines, including Vogue and Elle. Everything comes in environment-friendly packaging. Concealer, cream blush, lip gloss, moisturizer, mascara pick up something and test.

ILIA Beauty:

is definitely in the list of must-try things. Ingredients are chosen ethically, and everything that is produced in laboratories holds appropriate quality certificate. Every item is packed in an aluminium case. The list of best-selling products is quiet long, choose what is absent in your collection right now.

Dr. Hauschka:

German based beauty line, is known by using pure minerals and plant extracts and winning world awards for its high quality. The slogan “Improve health, and enhance your beauty” doesn’t leave anything else to add. The collection of products is very diverse, including makeup for face, skin and hair care.

Physicians Formula:

is the company selling only dermatologically approved products. And here are the most pleasant news: everything is available at affordable prices, conquering millions of hearts all over the world. All products aren’t hard to find. You can be sure: this is a huge investment in your future health and look.

Most popular brands

Makeup Brands

Popularity is a subjective criterion. Nevertheless, the most expensive earning the biggest amounts of money obviously are those having the biggest number of buyers. In other words, the cost is caused by popularity. Of course, it doesn’t always mean high quality. This is what we’ve got.

Estee Lauder:

attracts customers since 1946. New York Corporation gave the start for some top makeup companies, which are represented successfully on the market now. It is the brand favored by celebrities a lot.

MAC Cosmetics:

is the name, which for sure rings a bell. It is relatively young company started in 1984 in Toronto. Initially, products were designed only for makeup artists, but gradually they came out on a next level and became available for everyone.


is a giant of fashion industry. The company with headquarters in France and over 72,000 employees cannot do otherwise. The total assets of the corporation are valued nearly 30 billion euros.

Mary Kay:

was founded in Texas in the 60s. It is the company offering safe cosmetics, and agents working here are among the best consultants, who can solve any beauty issues and are always ready to give an advice.


is #1, and it is not surprising, actually. Beauty products are only a tiny part of general production, but this fact doesn’t affect the quality.

Buying cosmetics

Makeup BrandsThere is no need to make easy things complicated. Open the page with the selection of top makeup products brands, and find what you need within a couple of minutes. Don’t even doubt there is everything you may need. The selection is wide and diverse, suitable for every appearance and wallet. You will be glad to know that prices are affordable – the lowest you can find, and the website is easy accessible via laptop and smartphone app. Buy easy, use high-quality cosmetics and enjoy your look!

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