Top 5 Fat Removal Cosmetic Procedures

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There are many fat removal cosmetic procedures available today that it’s often difficult for women to just pick one. From liposuction and laser treatments, to tummy tucks and body contouring, one should get properly informed before making a selection. Fat removal cosmetic interventions are considered minimally-invasive. Some only demand local anesthesia, which means unlike some other interventions these are less painful. Many people have areas of their bodies they don’t like. Whether you have some extra fat under your armpits, on your belly or on the thighs, these fat removal cosmetic procedures should help you deal with all your issues.

Cosmetic Procedures


Commonly known as lipoplasty or just lipo, liposuction is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that gets rid of extra fat from certain areas of the body. The affected regions may vary from the buttocks, abdomen, neck, thighs and even the arms. The benefits of liposuction are unquestionable, and the patient won’t have to endure a lot of pain either; however, this doesn’t mean that the intervention doesn’t have side effects. In certain cases, unusual dents or lumps appear as a result of too much fat being removed from a certain area. In general, the risks increase as more fat is removed.

Tummy tuck

When daily sit ups are not enough to remove unpleasant fat layers from your belly, the other alternative is a tummy tuck. Commonly known as “abdominoplasty”, this minimally invasive intervention is meant to remove extra skin and fat from your belly area, thus flattening the abdomen and making it look more toned. Following this cosmetic intervention, your muscles are tightened too.

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Laser lipolysis

A rather new type of cosmetic procedure that gets rid of unpleasant fat deposits from different areas of the body is laser lipolysis. Experts argue that unlike tummy tucks and liposuction, this intervention is non-invasive. Basically, it means that no anesthesia is involved and the recovery time shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours. Laser lipo is the newest trend and increasingly more women are eager to try it out.

The liposculpture intervention removes stubborn fat pockets thus restoring skin elasticity and reshaping the body. It claims to render better results than liposuction because it has the ability to “melt” away unwanted fat from the face and body. The melted fat is either metabolized or aspirated. Aspiration is a suction technique used by the physician to get rid of large quantities of fat. Laser lipolysis is thought to be a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure because the practitioner will have to cut the area that is being treated and make an incision. To avoid any pain, a local anesthetic will be used.

Patients undergoing this intervention must not consider it a weight loss treatment. Laser lipolysis is not appropriate for people who are obese or overweight. The procedure only tackles specific areas of the body where stubborn fat deposits make the body look unappealing.

Fat melting injections

Better known as “lipo dissolve”, fat melting injections are a form of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that reshapes the physique through the removal of extra fat deposits from different areas of the body. The treatment uses injections filled with a special substance found in soybeans. The substance helps shift stubborn fat that can’t be eradicated through exercise or dieting. Fat melting injections are meant to reshape certain body areas and should not be considered a weight loss cosmetic intervention.

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Last but not least we have criolipolysis, a medical treatment that destroys fat cells. The principle of this procedure relies on cooling fat deposits to temperatures below zero in an attempt to reshape and contour the body. Exposing fat cells to cooling causes cell death. The overlying skin won’t be affected in any way, and the procedure is thought to be a lot more efficient than liposuction. Generally known under the name of “fat freezing”, criolipolysis is the kind of cosmetic procedure you should want to know more about. It sounds promising, not to mention that the results are truly spectacular.

Summer is just around the corner and increasingly more women are searching for the ideal cosmetic surgery London to help them get back in shape and look amazing in their swimming suit. From complete body contouring procedures to nonsurgical interventions, there’s something for everyone. Which of the mentioned interventions would you be willing to try?

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