Tips for Seniors to Help Baby Boomers Live Longer and Thrive

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The generation which was once known as the baby boomers are now aging, the first of this generation will now be in their mid-sixties. The next decade will see a huge increase in the number of baby boomers entering their senior years; the emphasis will no longer be on civil rights or anti-war campaigns, it should now be on staying healthy and enjoying the senior years. The following tips will help any baby boomer stay healthy and enjoy their senior years:

Baby Boomers

Smoking should be limited

This is a big no, smoking has been linked to cancer, heart disease and strokes.  Smokers should take steps to quit as soon as possible as it can take several years for the body to rid itself of the effects of smoking. Smoking has also been known to cause erectile dysfunction and excessive skin wrinkling.

Stay active

The more active people are the healthier they are. Daily exercise is essential to ensure a healthy body weight, better sleep, improved circulation and can prevent illness.

Pay more attention to nutrition

The older people become the fewer calories they need to consume but there are still some essential nutrients which must be consumed daily. Eating a balance, healthy diet will reduce the risk of a variety of diseases including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  This is also an essential way of maintaining a healthy body weight. Everyone should know their ideal Body Mass Index and try to keep within the healthy range.

Falling – how to avoid falls

As people age there is generally an increased fear of falling. This is often due to decreased mobility and the knowledge that it is easier to injure them than when they were younger. One way to prevent this is to ensure trip hazards are removed from your home; cables should be out of the way and rugs should be removed. Shoes will provide more grip and ideally should be worn all the time.


There are a variety of health screening options and vaccinations available to older people and these should be taken at every opportunity. The earlier any potential problem is discovered the easier it is for the medical professionals to rectify it. A regular check-up with the doctor is recommended to discuss any issues and ensure awareness of any potential complications.  It is also essential to be vigilant for any signs of cancer. Skin cancer can be easier to contract as people age due to the longer healing time of the skin. It is advisable to ensure your skin is always protected from the sun’s ultra violet rays.


Vision, hearing and teeth can all provide a lifetime of service provided you look after them.  As well as daily care at home it is essential to visit a medical professional regularly to ensure any care necessary is received.  It is common for eyesight and hearing to start to decline from the age of fifty. A medical professional can ensure you have the best care possible and protect these valuable senses for the rest of your life.

Stress should be avoided at all costs

This is still one of the biggest killers. Stress has been linked to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and a variety of other illnesses. It is important to learn to de-stress and enjoy life at a slightly slower pace. Time with family and friends should be fun and relaxing; there should always be time for some fun! Lower stress levels transpires into better health as the body is better able to cope with whatever it is presented with.


Sex can be enjoyable regardless of what age you are. As with many things in life you may need to adapt your style to suit the changing abilities of your body. Sex is an essential part of the body’s well being and research suggests that those who indulge in sex regularly are more likely to live happier, longer lives.

Seniors should try their best to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. This way they’ll lead better, more relaxed lives. They should serve as inspiration to today’s baby boomers; they should help them understand that a healthier living will make them live long and prosper.

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  • True, baby boomers should make sure to keep themselves healthy so that once the reach senior years they will still enjoy a healthy life. Eating balance and a healthy diet will sure reduce risks of diseases including heart diseases and high blood pressure. Most common thing that happened is gaining too much weight which would most likely caused Type 2 Diabetes. Aside from food supplements , people also opted to travel abroad to have affordable bariatric surgery. Having to loss weight would help avoiding other diseases as well.