The Short Guide to Men’s Wear

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Don’t even try to say that men take shopping less seriously or don’t devote that much time to their appearance as women do. They may pretend it is so, but in reality male fashion is a topic as touchy as any other related to fashion.

If you are ready to admit that this is true, we are going to help you with finding your own style, deal?

Men's Wear

General tips

You should start from the very beginning and answer the questions about where you are spending the majority of time and what clothes you are going to need in the first place.

Then, figure out what you like. Maybe it is possible to choose what you need among the things you like. Well, if you work as a layer and like sport really much, it has to remain separate. But still we’ll try the way to use it in an interesting way.

Take some time to learn about style. Style and fashion are different things, don’t forget it. You may be dependent on the latest trends or may become timeless, but still looking really good. Moreover, style is about expressing personality and individuality. You can check out some magazines and read or watch what bloggers say.

Choose clothes according to your age. Well, we often want to be or at least to look older or younger, but that doesn’t change our real age. An outfit has to match the faze you are at in live.

You can find something special – like a signature piece, which will become an inseparable and the brightest element of your style and identity.

Find out about what fits your body type. It is not a girly thing, it is just another useful tip, which will make choosing clothes much easier.

Men's Wear

Several style models

Most likely, you are the one to create your own patterns, but you should know about the most common of them existing nowadays.

Corporate powerhouse fits those, who are fans of formal suits. These people have several suits for different occasions, and at least several of them are tailored and made-to-measure. Maybe, it is not exactly clothes for pleasure, but clothes for results.

Prepster took the best from the Ivy League. Blazers and khakis, oxford shoes or brogues – and you will turn heads and be admired.

The European style of clothes make you feel as you are somewhere on Italian holiday. Don’t be afraid of bright details and accessories.

Hip-hop street artist may sound weird, but this is just a perfect streetwear. Denim, high tops and snapbacks will make you comfortable and possibly even attract attention to future street style ideas.

Flirt is a bit messing around your style. These are clothes, which will help you to impress others. Accompanied with a right watch, they create a winning combination.

Men's Wear

Jocks are people, who don’t pay attention to the words “Just do it”. They can demonstrate a lot, feeling comfortable and ready to set new records. They are fans of sportswear and are sure that it can be matched with everything, and they are right to the great extent.

Rockstar type sometimes reminds of a kid, who grew up quickly and still keeps loving Guitar Hero. Options here are not limited to leather pants and black T-shirts, but ripped jeans and grunge-touch bomber is a brilliant decision.

And there is an adventurer, dressed up in casual clothes to feel comfortable just as like he would climb Everest or explore the Grand Canyon right now. The only difference is that such Indiana Jones harmonically fits in the present-day style pattern.

Where to buy clothes

Men's Wear

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