Infographic: The Future of Contraception

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Contraception has always played an important role in our lives by providing a safe and healthy way of staying in control of fertility but what exactly does the future of contraception hold?

Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s Online Doctor has looked into the many ways that contraception has been used in the past, for example, in the 1500’s condoms were once made out of linen sheaths – a world apart from the latex condoms and morning after pills commonly used today.

As for the future of contraception, 2018 looks set to introduce an innovative form of contraception for women via remote control which will involve a microchip that dispenses hormones into the body. Meanwhile, the men will be able to take a ‘clean sheets’ pill which will cause the men’s muscles to contract with the same sensation but without the fluid.

The future seems to hold some very interesting and exciting prospects for contraception and could change how we protect ourselves but only time will tell just how effective and popular these methods could be.


What are your opinions on what the future holds for contraception?


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