5 Tips for Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic dentistry can have a huge impact on a person’s life. It can boost confidence and self-esteem, improve current oral hygiene and, in some cases, leave a more positive first impression upon others. Research suggests that a large majority of people of all genders feel that a good smile is what makes a person most appealing.

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However, opting for cosmetic dentistry is a big decision to make. It is a long term investment in yourself. But procedures can be costly and for some, it is a treatment that they only have one chance at getting right. With this in mind, it is essential that you receive the very best treatment that you can, otherwise you may find yourself having a negative experience, left with dental work that was not to your specifications or in the very worst cases suffering from complications due to inferior work being performed.

This article is not designed to put you off cosmetic dentistry. As mentioned earlier, cosmetic dentistry has innumerable benefits but, like many surgical procedures, there is some risk. So it is essential that you make an informed, well considered decision regarding your choice of dentist. Fortunately for you, the vast majority of cosmetic dentists working today are accredited; leaving you confident that the risk is minimal. Nonetheless, there are other factors you should consider when choosing the best dentist for you. See below for five top tips for ensuring you make the best choice you can.

1. Qualifications

It goes without saying that you should always choose a dentist who is fully qualified to practice, but to what level are they qualified? What post-graduate credentials do they hold? If you are looking for a very specific procedure you may be able to find a dentist with credentials that make them an expert in your particular area of interest.

Furthermore, try to find out which organizations your dentist is accredited with. The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry will only pass cosmetic dentists who have passed rigorous guidelines; this is the minimal accreditation you should expect from any cosmetic dentist that you choose. Dentists who have been practicing for longer, may have additional accreditations so be sure that you find out these as well. Any good dentist will have all of their accreditations displayed in their office and on their website.

2. Previous Work

Look/ask for previous examples of a dentist’s work. Where possible, try to find specific examples of the type of work that you are thinking about having. All dentists should have a book or website page of before and after photos displaying the standard of their work. If the photos are on their website try to do an image search to ensure that the photographs are not stock images.

3. Testimonials

Find out what other people have said about this particular dentist. Testimonials should be available to you. Better yet, ask your trusted friends and loved ones to find out if they have had a good experience with a cosmetic dentist these are always the best kind of referral. Don’t be afraid to look in the media also. High profile and reputable clinics may have been interviewed and consulted for radio or television shows. Perfect Smile Spa, for example, display the publications and shows that they have featured in on their home page, making it a quick few clicks to find out what the media are saying about them.

4. Standard of Consultation

Essential to choosing the right cosmetic dentist is how you personally feel about them. If you have reached the stage where you feel you are ready to consult with a dentist ask yourself: Are you comfortable with this person and do you trust them with your smile? People do not instantly develop good relationships and if you feel you are not comfortable in the dentist’s presence then it would probably be best to seek out another dentist.

Furthermore, when consulting, consider how thorough the dentist is. Do they give you a variety of options regarding treatment? Do they outline the pros and cons of the treatments you are inquiring about? Do they offer any resources for you to look at to help you understand what treatment may entail?

A consultation is also an ideal time to look at the types of technology the dentist uses and the standards in their office. Be sure to ask questions about any specialist devices they might use and how the devices work. Remember, the standards within a dentist’s office will give some indication to the standards of their dentistry.

Once a consultation has been completed and recommendations have been made it is advisable that you get a second opinion. A good cosmetic dentist will always welcome a second opinion because they are confident that they have helped you get the very best treatment possible.

5. Financing

This can be the biggest hurdle for many people and a reputable dentist will offer financing plans to help you achieve the smile that you want. They (or their staff) will guide you through financing options to ensure that you fully understand the cost to you and help you make a decision that is manageable for your financial situation.

Cosmetic dentistry at first glance can seem daunting and a bit of a minefield. So be sure to contact several clinics. The best clinics will put you at ease and make understanding the procedures that they carry out as easy as brushing your teeth. Follow the advice above and you can be sure that you’ll soon have the smile you’ve always wanted.

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  • I agree that testimonials are important when it comes to finding a cosmetic dentist. I would imagine that finding someone who is able to show happy past clients would be ideal. Another way to review testimonials would be to look at before and after pictures as well.

  • My wife has some problems with her smile that have bugged her for a long time. She wants to have some work done to improve her teeth, but she wasn’t sure how to go about finding the right cosmetic dentist. I didn’t know that there were extra accreditations required to be a cosmetic dentist, but that is something we will definitely have to look into as we search.

  • My father has been looking for a cosmetic dentist to help him feel confident in his smile again. You wrote that you should ask for testimonials or check online for reviews of the potential dentist. My father is a fairly picky person, and definitely will want to know what experience other people have had with a dentist before he even considers them. Thanks for the advice.

  • I like what this article mentions about considering the testimonials of the dentist. It makes sense that getting first-hand opinions of the dentist as well as seeing before/after pictures could be helpful. It’s something I’ll have to keep in mind to make sure that my wife can get quality cosmetic work done on her teeth because she is very self-conscious.

  • You said that dentist might offer financing plans. If I was going to the dentist I would want to make sure that I was going to be able to pay for it. Maybe I should ask about financing if I can’t pay for it upfront.

  • I really like that you mentioned to look at pictures of a cosmetic dentist’s past work. That way, you can see what the quality of their end result is. I have been considering having some cosmetic dental work done for years now. I want to have the confidence that comes with a great smile. I will definitely keep this in mind as I look for the right cosmetic dentist.

  • Recently my family has moved so we are on the search for a cosmetic dentist. I really appreciated how this article talked about looking/asking for previous examples of a dentist’s work. I think that this is really important to see what kind of work they are able to do.

  • Thank you for pointing out that it is very important to think about how you feel around the dentist. My mother is wanting to get some dental work done but wants to make sure she finds the right cosmetic dentist for her. Hopefully, she does her research and finds the right person in her area.