Testosterone: Potent But Not Always In The Way You Think [Infographic]

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Over one third of men over 45 are considered to have deficient testosterone level with 13 million American men suffering from the same.

These men show the following symptoms: – There is a considerable hair loss on face and body; there is loss in muscle mass, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, risk for some cancers, higher risk of death, hot flashes, irritability, inability to concentrate, depression, cardiovascular disease, breast growth, low sperm count, infertility and impotence etc occurs.

When men with low testosterone level are treated to raise their level to normal, following changes occur: 

  1. There is a significant weight loss and building of lean muscles mass.
  2. Glucose level gets under control
  3. Blood pressure gets lower
  4. The risk of bone fracture reduces
  5. Energy level improves
  6. There is higher level of motivation
  7. There is relief from depression.

Men and women show some peculiarities when the testosterone level in them is high:

Testosterone level in men rises when they are excited by winning. When in the build up to any competition or when their team wins. Whenever they are happy and enthusiastic the level spikes.

Women with higher testosterone levels are believed to be more competitive at work.

Size of fingers give a lot of information about Men’s nature and behavior:

Men with shorter index fingers compared to ring finger show increased aggression to perceived injustice. They act aggressively if provoked; are less able to recognize emotions. They are sensitive to the needs of others and have dominant inclinations.

Among skills: They show superior skill in mathematics; they give attention to details; are more likely to play an instrument and sports; spatial performance on visual tasks.

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Personality traits: They show small range of interests; are extroverted, risk takers and they like violent movies.

Physiology of men are said to influence their choice of career.


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