Symmetry Six by Five Pawns

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What’s in a name? There’s actually quite a lot, at least when it comes to Californian e-liquid mix-masters Five Pawns.

The shape of the typical e-liquid bottle and drip tips initially reminded them of the humble chess piece. A drip tip, in case you’re wondering, is the fancy-looking mouthpiece on the end of an e-cigarette, which is partly for show but can also have a genuine effect on your vaping experience. A narrower tip provides a more concentrated flavour, while a wider tip tends to produce more vapour.


From there, they thought it fitting that a complex and sophisticated game like chess should lend the name of one of its pieces to a company committed to creating equally complex and sophisticated e-juice like Symmetry Six. “The pawn moves only forward and is often sacrificed (much like our liquid),” they note.The number five is also a recurring motif.

They started with an initial set of five complex and sophisticated flavours before gradually expanding their range. The fact that there are five traditional sensations of taste that the tongue can taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, a savoury taste that can be found in many fermented foods and has only recently been widely recognised in western cultures.

Those are the five categories of taste accounted for so far, but try Symmetry Six by Five Pawns and you’ll discover a taste combination that is hard to pin down. The sugared rhubarb and strawberries visit different ends of the fruit spectrum, and then there’s oat grain, graham cracker crumble and a hint of rich vanilla cream. Is there a sixth flavour hiding in there somewhere? We’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Befitting a perfectionist e-liquid producer such as Five Pawns, all of their products are made in comparatively small batches, generally consisting of 275 bottles per lot. They are mixed, bottled and packaged by hand in dedicated facilities using only food-grade ingredients and the finest premium pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

Those delicate, perfectly blended flavours are suspended in a liquid that is 50 per cent vegetable glycerine (VG) and 50 per cent propylene glycol (PG). VG is commonly used in foods, whereas PG is an odourless, flavourless chemical sometimes found in products such as cosmetics and even medicines. These two ingredients form the bulk of the liquid.The company’s expert blenders then add the flavours that make Symmetry Six by Five Pawns such an amazing vape. The flavours themselves are taken from actual base ingredients rather than chemical formulas, and the juice comes in a full range of strengths including 0mg (nicotine-free), 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

We never sell anything here at Vapelux that we haven’t tried ourselves, and we can honestly say that this is one of the best. Symmetry Six also comes in a big bottle (30ml), which is good because you certainly won’t want to be running out of this one after you’ve tried it.

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