Sundance Film Festival: Celebrities Flock to Support Rehab Cause

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It seems as though drug abuse is never more prevalent than in the world of celebrities and for this reason there is growing attention being given to the rehab cause among some of the most popular celebs from all genres from movies to the music scene. As recently as last November, a celeb was led off the cast of the British I’m a Celebrity due to illicit use of steroids that could impact his health on location in the jungle of Australia. Not only did the use of steroids cause health concerns, but it cost Spencer Matthews his place on the set of the hit show and in his words, “was extremely hard to stomach.” This is one celeb that will be forever promoting the cause for drug rehab because he, personally, lost out because of his use of banned substances.

Drugs Are Drugs Are Drugs

From illegal steroids to methamphetamine to heroin and cocaine, a drug is a drug and addictions come in all forms. Believe it or not, there are more athletes than you can count on all fingers and toes who have been banned from the world of pro sports due to an ‘addiction’ to steroids as a performance drug giving them unfair advantages. Celebs are coming out in support of a ‘drug-free cause’ which focuses on the use of all drugs, in any form, that become addictive over the course of one’s career. Too many celebs have lost the battle in recent years and so those remaining in the limelight are urging others to recover before it’s too late. One of the most publicized drug-related deaths in recent years was the passing of Amy Winehouse who had a tremendous career ahead of her, lost to her battle with drugs.

Choices Recovery Media Table a Huge Success

At a recent Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Per Wickstrom and his Choices Recovery drug rehab program out of South Bend Indiana sponsored a media table that drew tons of attention from celebrities looking to help further his cause. As a recovered addict, Wickstrom knows the dangers of addiction but also knows the flip side of living a recovered life and it is this that he wants to share with the world at large. Celebs are pouring out in support of the drug rehab cause and this is music to Wickstrom’s ears. Stars from all walks of life live with the reality of drug addiction and even those who aren’t battling addictions themselves are impacted by the use of substances by others working with them on the set or in the studio. With a concerted effort they are speaking out about the evils of drug abuse in the hopes of leading their friends, fans and peers to seek rehab before it’s too late.

Sadly, there are still a huge number of celebrities out there who are losing the battle against addiction. However, it is the hope of Wickstrom that the attention being given to those stars who are speaking out in favor of a drug-free life will sink in and others will follow suit in the near future. The celebs who flocked to the Choices Recovery media table at the latest gathering of the Sundance Film Festival are ‘just the beginning’ and according to the program’s founder, it is a beginning we have long awaited. Recovery is just around the corner but it is up to you to take the first step.

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