Strategy to Lose Weight During Hormone Therapy

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Today, everyone is busy in improving their career but avoiding healthy lifestyle. This has degraded their body. Reduction in physical activity has resulted in weight gain. Everyone is suffering from some hormonal changes, which has adversely affected their bodies.

Learn to balance your hormones and it can aid to lose weight. Understand the relation of your body with hormones.

Hormone Therapy

  • Avoid stress: People under stress tend to eat more. This overindulgence can be due to emotional issues that result in increase in cortisol level. You need adrenalin to remain motivated but cortisol gives energy to flee and this is exhausting. After the release of cortisol from stored glucose you feel hungry and you eat, so no real glucose gets burnt.
  • Metabolism: Sometimes the metabolism of your body gets disturbed due to bad eating habits. There is the small gland in your body, which produces Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. If their production fluctuates then your body tends to gain weight, even if your diet does not change. In this condition, you feel lethargic and do not get any motivation to perform regular exercise.
  • Insulin: This is another hormone that causes you to put on weight. When the pancreas fails to produce adequate insulin as required by the body then the food turns into glucose and gets stored in the form of fats. If you switch to rich protein diet and cut carbohydrates from your daily diet as well as add exercise, you can lose weight.
  • Testosterone: Basically, testosterone is male hormone that is essential for maintaining strength and high energy levels. Low-T can adversely impact your health and push you into depression. It can make you inactive. To avoid this condition, you start to eat and gain weight. However, this can be solved using mens hormone therapy to treat low-T condition.

Hormone therapy & weight gain

Trials have proved that weight is not gained during hormone therapy but there are other aspects that influence it. It includes naturally decrease in metabolism, age-related metabolism issue, decrease in physical activities and more. As there is a slow metabolism rate and less movement, the fats pile up.

Strategy to lose weight during hormone therapy

Due to change in metabolism in both male and female there can be weight gain. You can use the ways given below ways to manage your healthy weight even when you are undergoing HT.

  • Exercise: To cut your wide abdomen, it is necessary to perform aerobic activities to mobilize fat. Biking, brisk walking, swimming or treadmill for minimum half an hour daily and increase it to an hour will help. Strength training will assist to enhance metabolism. Stretching exercises like yoga is good for flexibility and balance.
  • Food: It is advisable to take food that have sufficient proteins and also include fruits, vegetables, and fibrous foodstuff in your diet. Avoid sugary stuff and carbohydrate drinks. Switch to low calorie sweets and soda.

Actually, healthy living habits must be practiced from an early age. Even if you are on HRT don’t adjust your workouts and eating habits.

Reducing the extras kilos from the body will never be an easy task. One has to put a lot of effort to reduce weight and come in shape. Regular exercise and healthy eating style will always help you maintain a healthy body with properly functioning hormones, and testosterone therapy can be helpful to achieve the desired results.

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