Stop Smoking Cigarettes for Good

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Smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes leads to major illnesses including lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease like Emphysema. Millions of current or past smokers die every year in the United States. Tobacco products are so addictive that it’s often impossible for smokers to quit even if they want to. Nicotine is perhaps the culprit of the problems leading to tobacco and cigarette addiction.

Stop Smoking

Smokers of all ages should realize that there are ways to quit this unhealthy and often fatal habit. There are clinical trials that invite smokers to participate in experiments that encourage quitting smoking. These clinical trials involve applying medication and placebos to participants. The medication is designed to gradually decrease the body’s need for nicotine and other substances found inside cigarettes. The placebo is essentially an empty pill that plays psychological tricks on the mind with the goal of convincing people to stop smoking.

The goal of using a placebo in a smoking cessation program is to prove that people can actually control their desires involving tobacco cigarettes. Whether through medication such as nicotine patches or placebo pills, such programs are designed to help people stop smoking cigarettes for good.

Young smokers have the best chances of quitting smoking because their bodies have not developed a strong addiction to the tobacco products. Statistics show that long time smokers go back to their old habits within a few months of successfully completing a cessation program. Tobacco products are difficult for the mind and body to combat.

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