Sourcing Reputable Repair Specialists for Ultrasound Equipment

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If your ultrasound equipment has developed a fault, has become unusable through damage, or is in just general need of refreshing, it can be difficult to source a really good repairs specialist. Now, of course it is an option to contact the manufacturer direct, to request assistance, from a repairs point of view. But if your machine is no longer in warranty, this can be quite costly. In fact, manufacturers often make more income in after sales serving, than on the price of the machine initially. There has to be a better way. This is where PRS France come in.

Ultrasound EquipmentThe Argument for Repair vs Total Replacement:

Over the years, many practitioners in clinics, private practices and hospitals have been “burned” by the repairs process offered by many companies, leaving them weary of the entire deal when it comes to repair. What some have resorted to doing is simply purchasing a new part or machine straight away, to replace faulty or defective equipment. And you can’t blame them really, as in the past, having to wait for a repairs person to be sent out from the company, then paying colossal fees, would leave anybody jaded.

A Better Way:

Luckily now, there is a better way. PRS France, who as professional repairs experts in all things ultrasound for Hospitals and clinics (specializing in the Business to Business b2b field) have everything a clinic or hospital or private practice could ever want from a repairs service. So, say for example, that you need an ultrasound repair performed fast. What PRS can offer you is a speedy repair, that is guaranteed. What that means is that they actually provide you with a warranty on the repair, of between 3 & 6 months, depending on the type of repair done. This alone is worth looking into, as it is far from usual for other repairs companies. But it simple demonstrates the sheer confidence that PRS display in their specialist abilities, when it comes to ultrasound repair.

Fast Repair – And Fast Returns:

PRS acknowledge the urgent need your department has to have your repaired item returned, and it was with this in mind, that they sought out specific delivery companies to partner with, ensuring you the quickest, most secure delivery possible. A condition of which was that each company had to have tracking abilities available, for the ultimate in peace of mind for clients. With this safeguard in place, you can monitor progress of your delivery at every stage, better allowing for a more accurate time frame for arrival. If you would prefer to have the repaired item deposited someplace for collection, this too can be arranged.

So as you can by now see, there is a better alternative to purchasing replacement parts or machines. Choosing a great repairs service provider is far more cost effective, and is also comparable in terms of the amount of time it takes for a new item to be delivered, against how long it would take the repaired item to be returned.

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