Infographic: How Smartphones can Make Your Life Simpler and Healthier

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You probably use one of your smartphones to count calories already, whether it’s by tracking how much you eat or how much you exercise. But there are over 100,000 health + fitness apps available for your phone, which can do anything from connect you to healthcare providers and diagnosing diseases to connect to other devices like your yoga mat to assist you with poses.

People who use health + fitness apps overwhelmingly use them to keep track of goals and motivate themselves to exercise or diet, but they can do so much more. Apps like PatientFusion give you access to your medical records, allow you to schedule appointments, and submit prescriptions. Mobile health technology empowers you to make informed decisions about your health, whether it’s tweaking your calorie intake or quickly consulting a professional.

The more mobile tools you have, the better, as these apps and devices can help shape all aspects of your life to ensure health and happiness. Not only that, these mobile apps can help make your life easier and more enjoyable while you take care of more important things that your career or life may demand.  Read on to find out exactly how you can benefit from mobile health technology.


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