Six Things your Children Bring Home and How to Avoid Potential Problems from Them

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Inevitably, children and pets will drag in a few unwanted pests over time. Leaving the door open, wearing dirty shoes and even playing at the park can all result in infestation if the problem is left untreated. Bringing home dirt, pests and germs is inevitable, but there are ways to quickly resolve any problems they may cause before escalation.

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1. Dirt

It comes as no surprise that children often track dirt and mud through the house with their shoes. Making sure that your floors are kept clean will ensure you are keeping dirt, grime and germs out of your home. A little bit of soap and water can work wonders for your home. You can also get a small steam cleaner which will not only pick up the dirt but kill the germs within the carpet as well. If the dirt becomes too much of a problem enforce a shoes off rule or make sure you have a high quality door mat to wipe your shoes off on. Although you don’t want dirt staining your carpet, remember that playing in dirt can actually be good for children.

2. Ants

Most people know that ants are attracted to food. Most children do not know how to store food so that ants will never find it. Jars must be closed tightly and ripe fruit should be kept in the refrigerator. In addition, you should be wiping up spills right away and taking out your garbage and washing your dishes regularly. Teach your children good clean up habits and make sure that they only snack in the kitchen where you can easily clean up any crumbs.

3. Mice and Rats

Some of the most common problems that professionals from Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. deal with are rodent infestations. Rats are more than just nuisances; they also carry disease that transfer when they bite people or when leave dropping in your kitchen. The best way to protect yourself from a rodent infestation is to deny access to your home. Seal off any potential entry points to keep them at bay. If you have plants or objects outside your windows, move them away so pests cannot break in through window screens. Professionals can point out the areas rodents love to sneak through, which can be smaller than a penny! Make sure children know to close the door when they come in and out of the house. Don’t leave belongings outside. Rodents can hide out in shoes or boxes and be brought inside when you clean up.

4. Lice

Children are most likely to bring lice home from school. Unfortunately, these little pests travel fast. On the plus side, they do not carry disease and their bites are more annoying than anything else. Lice was once looked at as a more serious problem, but the problem has become more common and children are allowed to continue to go to school while lice is being treated. Eliminating lice starts with washing all hair brushes, pillows and bedding and includes a thorough session of chemical hair-washing.

5. Fleas

Although fleas are most closely associated with cats and dogs, children also bring them from sand boxes. The best way to prevent fleas from taking over your home is to have a professional spray each year. Vacuuming the floors and furniture in your home is also helpful. Fleas carry disease, making this is a vital step.

6. Germs

If your children are in school or daycare, they are exposed to many germs and illnesses. Children often don’t practice the same sanitation procedures as adults, so they may cough or sneeze without covering their mouth or forget to wash their hands before eating. One of the best ways to avoid spreading germs is simply washing hands. When your children get home from school, the first thing they should do is wash their hands, especially if they are about to eat.

These nuisances will never go away and are just something that families need to learn to control and deal with. Take steps to ensure that you minimize potential problems in your home using proper procedures. Teach children about pests and how to avoid them so that they can help in your efforts to keep your home clean and safe.

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