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First Date

How to Handle Your First Date?

Going on the first date with a guy you probably like so much can be very exciting and mind blowing. You probably feel the...
Lab Management

8 Time-tested Skills for Stepping Up Your Lab Management Game

You chose a career in research because of the fascination you’ve had of the world around you and wanted to understand how life exists...
Creative Writing Activity

The Effects of Stress on Creative Writing Activity

Some people believe that they do their best work under pressure, but studies have repeatedly found that this isn’t the case. The more pressure...
Organic Cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics: the New Way to Love Your Body

Many of us have been buying organic for years, when it comes to the food we eat. But, it's easy to forget about what...

Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Indigestion is a medical condition that occurs when stomach acid comes in contact with the protective and sensitive lining of the mucosa (digestive system). When...
Medical Malpractice

How to Win in a Malpractice Case?

Whether it is a mesh lawsuit or a wrong diagnosis lawsuit, you must always aim to win a malpractice case and get compensated for...
Appetite in Children

How to Increase Appetite in Children Naturally

Poor appetite is the leading cause of malnutrition in children; every child pass through this phase at a point in their lives, others make...
Zoonotic Diseases

What is Zoonotic Diseases? Causes and Prevention

If you live in an environment where you’re constantly around animals, or spend a lot of time around them, you may be at the...
World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day 2017

World Prematurity Day will be celebrated on November 17, 2017. This is an excellent opportunity for charities who work with premature babies and their...
Child Development

Playing With Modern Toys Helps in Child Development

Throughout the early years of a child's life, play can have an enormous impact on the learning and development that child experiences. Although play...


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