Scientists develop non-antibiotic drug for tuberculosis

Scientists have developed a new non-antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis.The drug works by targeting mycobacterium tuberculosis’ defences rather than the bacteria itself. It can also...

New Cancer Vaccine Is 100% Successful in Mouse Model

Scientists have developed a new vaccine that — in conjunction with existing therapies — can not only treat aggressive melanoma, but also prevent its...
HP BioPrinters

HP BioPrinters are helping the CDC speed up antibiotic testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with HP under a new pilot program involving BioPrinters. Four regional CDC labs are utilizing...

Scientists Develop Device to Warn of Imminent Heart Attack, Stroke

Researchers have developed a bio-optics diagnostic device which can warn of impending heart attacks and stroke. The early warning system can identify imminent and dangerous...

Scientists Develop Brain Implant That Could Stop, Prevent Epileptic Seizures

An electronic device implanted directly into the brain can detect, stop and even prevent epileptic seizures. In the study published in Science Advances, researchers at...

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