Sam Hunt’s New Look Will Make You Miss Him

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Can you bet 20 dollars that you would recognise Sam Hunt if he walked past you right now? Think again if you just answered yes. Singer, Sam Hunt has decided to break the heart of his fans by changing his look from the dark beard and hair that melts the heart of every girl, to a low maintenance hairless head and face. I guess that’s why he sang “Make you miss me” because we miss the old him right now.

The hunky country singer seems to be comfortable rocking his new look.
The “Body like a back road” singer was honoured with the Gene Weed Milestone Award on the 22nd of August at the ACM Honors ceremony in Nashville. 33year old Sam Hunt appeared on the red carpet a hairless version of himself that attracted the attention of everyone who knew him with the beard and hair.

It is possible he had been wearing this new look most of the summer, but he always wore a hat, so nobody probably noticed. However, the singer decided to show up for the award without a hat so now we know what he looks like without facial hair and hair on his head.
Sam HuntWhile we mourn the death of all that masculine hair, this is not the first time Hunt would be shedding the mountain man look and replacing it with a clean shave and then growing back all the hair. In 2015, the “make you miss me” singer told Taste of Country in an interview, that he had first shaved off his hair after he caught a “little fleek” from his grandma at the wedding ceremony of a family member. Only for the singer to grow it back at the request of Hanna Lee Fowler, his wife.

The singer explained to ET that,” I grew it out, and she said she liked it. Her opinion matters most, so I kept it. It gets cold in Nashville, so I like to have a beard in the winter.”  At least we know Hanna has the final say when it comes to how her husband looks, so we are leaving her to decide whether he should grow back the hair we love, or not.


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