Saliva Drug Test Kits: What you Need to Know

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As the name suggestions, saliva drug test kits are those kits that are used to detect the presence of certain illicit drugs in a person’s saliva. These kits are popular in many applications because they are easy to execute, provide reliable results, and are accurate at detecting even a small amount of the substance.

Saliva Drug Test kitsHow do saliva test kits work?

These test kits are comprised of two steps: The collection of the sample and the testing of the sample. Upon testing, the test strip will change colour if a small amount of drugs is detected.

Which drugs can saliva tests detect?

Any drug that falls within the groupings of amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates or PCP can be easily and effectively detected by these kits.

What is the testing process?

Saliva is collected from the test subject by either swabbing the inside of the mouth or by having the subject spit into a cup. Whereas a swab can only be tested once, a spit sample can be testing multiple times.

Saliva tests can be administered in the home (such as in the case of a parent testing a teenager) in the workplace or in a clinical setting.

Where are saliva tests used?

There are many different settings in which saliva testing can be used.

Employment testing

Some employers use saliva drug tests as part of their pre-employment screening process.

Law enforcement

Police agencies test suspected drug users all the time. The saliva test is one of the most convenient and effective ways for law enforcement officers to test for the presence of drugs in a suspect’s system.

Insurance checks

Insurance companies use saliva tests to ensure that a prospective client is not abusing illegal substances before they insure them. If the tests come back positive, they applicant is considered to be in a high-risk group and will be charged a higher premium for insurance coverage as a result of that added risk.

In the home

No one wants to imagine their teen doing drugs, but if a parent suspects this is the case there are home saliva drug test kits that can be administered in the home with effective results. The benefit of this is the privacy of administering the test in the privacy of one’s own home without having to go to a hospital for drug testing.

There are several pros and cons for saliva drug tests. On the positive side:

  • The tests are convenient
  • They are non-invasive
  • They are reliable, easy to use and can be administered by anyone
  • One test can test for several categories of drugs
  • Results are available in just minutes

The kits are inexpensive, making them a good choice for large-scale drug testing such as in a work environment

In terms of negatives, the primary drawback is these tests will not accurately detect the presence of drugs that were in the system more than 24 hours ago.

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