Safe Sex: Happy International Condom Day

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Why a man or a woman should wear one? This is the most popular question that asked by the community. During sexual intercourse, condom has its own beneficial. Most of the people doesn’t aware with the concept of condom.

Condom is available for man and woman specific use. The most common type is the condom for the man. Condom does more than keep the semen from the man from fertilizing the eggs in woman after sexual intercourse. You should know that you have all the benefits of safe sex by using it. Here are the reasons for you to use or start using it from now on:
Condom Day

Your First Step to Prevent STD:

No one can stop you to have sex whenever you want. This is the reason that you have to stock yourself with condoms because if you are sexually active, your chance to get infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases is high. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you are in the highest risk to get STD such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. Unprotected sex will lead to it especially if you have sex with random partners. No one so far is asking for their partner health status especially for the one night stand. Wearing a condom is the only way for you to have sex safely to avoid you from the unwanted STD. To choose the right condom, make sure that you are not using the lambskin condom because it has microscopic holes. These holes may cause any body fluids to leak and let the viruses to pass through to your body.

It is very easy to purchase:

You don’t have to worry about how to get one. You can save your own stock by purchasing it online or going to the nearest convenience stores and the pharmacies. All around the world are highly promoting condom to encourage the people to exercise safe sex and avoid STD cases. The condoms are also available in many specifications that suitable for you. The price is affordable and it is worth it to use the condoms from the most trusted brand because of its quality. You can make your own homework about what is the best brand out there for a quality condom before purchasing.

Protecting the woman from unexpected pregnancy:

If you are on a family planning, condom is the biggest helper to protect you from the unexpected pregnancy. If your baby is less than 3 years old or you are not ready to be a parent yet that is the good reason for you to start using a condom for a safe sex. Some of the couple that unmarried yet should use a condom to avoid your girlfriend from getting pregnant suddenly. A survey and study had been conducted and condom has a 98% of success rate to prevent unexpected pregnancies among the woman.

There is no or less side effects if you are using condom:

Woman especially is using the birth control pills to avoid unexpected pregnancy. Other methods are spermicidal solutions hormone injections. To compare these methods with a condom, they have more side effects to the woman and it is uncomfortable sometimes. Condom has no side effects such as irritations, hormone disruptor and introducing a health problem to your body. The only side effect that a woman can get is if they are allergic to latex. Still, there is a solution for it. You can choose the hypoallergenic condom that made from plastic or polyurethane.

You are a responsible person and increasing that sense:

No matter if you are an individual, or a new couple and a married couple, using a condom during sexual intercourse is showing a sense of responsibility. You are protecting yourself from STD and the woman is protecting themselves from unexpected pregnancies. The married couple who is in a family planning because they want to give the full attention to their young kids before have another baby is also showing responsibilities and effort by using condom. Condom is not only about to stop STD from spreading but it is a way to increase awareness and made the people to be more responsible to their own health and family.

No medical directions or prescriptions in condoms:

Different from using the pills or the other method of birth control, condom does not have any medical directions or you don’t have to get a prescription for it. Condom can be use anytime you want. Please remind yourself that it is a single use protection and do not recycle it. Birth control pills is not that effective to compare with condom because the woman has to intake the pill according to the right and exact time, which they always forget.

Some of the condoms can enhance your sexual pleasure:

If you choose the polyurethane condoms, it is very thin and you just don’t realize that you are using one. There are also condoms that can increase your sexual pleasure. Either choosing the thin and transparent condom or, choosing the condom with more texture. Both of condoms are the type that can keep you stimulated during sexual activities.

Condoms are easy to use:

Even there are a lot of condoms out there available for you to choose from, they are easy to use every time. It has the instructions that you can understand and follow easily. One tip is, do not unroll the condom before use. This is to keep the air off while using.

Woman’s menstrual cycle is stay untouched:

Pills and injections are hormone disruptor to woman’s menstrual cycle. To avoid this, condoms are the best way. It doesn’t have any side effects that can change or interrupting the menstrual cycle the way the pills or the injections did.

Keep the Cervical Cancer at bay:

HPV or the virus that cause the cervical cancer can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. By wearing condom, the percentage to get transmitted is low. The woman definitely can protect themselves from cervical cancer by using condom to avoid the virus from entering their bodies.

That’s the top 10 benefits of using condom and to mark 2016 Condom day. Practicing a safe sex is your responsibility and you can make the difference in lowering STD cases in your hometown.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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