nursing home

Why a Nursing Home Would be Best for Your Elderly Parents

When it becomes time to consider the living situation for elderly parents, people are often reluctant to consider a nursing home. The truth is...

Feeling Helpless after your Parent’s Stroke – Tips to Communicate with them

Strokes are unique although the way they affect people are similar. The brain is a multifaceted organ in charge of controlling numerous body functions....
old age

5 Ways to Ease the Transition from Middle-Age to Old-Age

The transition from middle-age to old-age will often happen in the blink of an eye. One moment you may be focused on your family...

The Five Best Dietary Choices for Seniors

Eating well is crucial for seniors and can make the difference between good and poor health. Foods can maintain brainpower and decrease cholesterol in...
Family’s Smile

6 tips to Help Parents take Care of Their Family’s Smile

Your family’s smile is important. After all, poor oral care can have sever health risks, and the last thing you want is to put...
reproductive health

Fact or Fiction: The Truth about Your Reproductive Health

Whether you are considering having children now or in the distant future, it is important to know the truth about your reproductive health. There...
Young Couples

Effective Conception tips for Young Couples

As far back as you can remember, you’ve always wanted to be a parent. Experiencing the miracle of giving birth and raising your children...
XBox Kinect

Gaming Technology: The Physical Benefits of the XBox Kinect for your Family

There are many people that still believe that digital gaming and physical fitness don't belong together. While it's true that sitting on your couch...

10 Reasons Sex is Better after 55

There is an abundance of myths out there about sex after age 55, including beliefs that a woman's libido shrivels and dies after menopause....
Starting a Family

Questions to Answer Before Starting a Family

There are a lot of conversations to have when you’re thinking about starting a family. You and your spouse have to talk about where...

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