MakeUp Sex

Reason Why You Should Have MakeUp Sex

A healthy relationship between two partners is sure to have its down times. You can’t be in a relationship and not have reasons to...
Sex Toy

7 Benefits of Owning a Sex Toy

In the quest for exploring more of your sexual life, you will come across sex toys. Although they were previously thought to be a...
samantha markle

Samantha Markle Apologises to Meghan and Prince Harry as They Expect Their First Baby

Samantha Markle has been on the headlines for a while now for her several moves to make the Duchess of Sussex uncomfortable. No doubt...
Ariana Grande

Grande Finally Talks About Her Split From SNL Star Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande has been away from the spotlight for a while primarily because of the series of “not so cool” experiences she has had...

What Is Sex and Types of Sex?

There are numerous types of sex, but communication and consent is crucial in all no matter the kind of sex the parties are getting...
Pulling Away

Six Things to Do When You Realise Your Partner Is “Pulling Away”

Dating someone is fun and exciting. The feeling of another who loves you unconditionally is one of the most exceptional feelings in the world....
best friends

Why You Should Talk to Your Friends About Your Sex Life

Sex issues are meant to be discussed only between people in a relationship or people who have sex with each other. Most of the...

27 Things to Keep in Mind Before You “Lose” Your Virginity ?

Choosing to have your first sex can be a huge deal, as no amount of preparation or research will adequately prepare you for what...

Why You Should Practice BDSM?

The act of two consenting adults engaging in regular sex can sometimes get boring when the action is centred only on the usual sex...
The Dirty sex Game

Sex in Your Pocket: Get the Best Orgasm From Your Mobile Phone

Are you tired of getting regular sex advice from people? If you do, trust you are not alone. Imagine it was possible to pull...
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