Penis Size – the Myth That It Doesn’t Matter

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A lot of men are insecure about the size of their penises. Women say it doesn’t matter, using such platitudes as “it’s what you do with it that counts” or coming out with incorrect scientific reasons why a larger penis isn’t more desirable (a popular one being that women have no sensitivity after four inches – this just isn’t true), but really, everybody knows that it does make a difference when it comes to both sex, and also how she views you.

Penis Size

Think about it – if a larger penis wasn’t more sexually desirable then why do all male porn stars have huge penises? What about male strippers women hire for parties? Also, if a small penis wasn’t considered to be inferior in terms of masculinity and general prowess, why would people make jokes about people acting a certain way or driving a certain car to make up for having one?
MaleEdgeWhen women say that penis size doesn’t matter, what we really mean is that it doesn’t matter enough to hurt your feelings over. In reality, a lot of women would absolutely love the men they’re with to be bigger than average (or in some cases, even just average would be good). Well endowed men are seen as being better lovers, more confident people, and just generally more appealing to women.

The good news is that a small or average penis can be turned into a much more impressive prospect using a simple technique called traction. Traction extends the penis naturally by holding it in a stretched position, which causes the cells to multiply to accommodate the stretch. This is done gently, so it doesn’t hurt, and can be carried out at home using a penis extender which you only use for as long as you want (though better results are obtained the more often you wear it).

While there are plenty of weird pills and contraptions on the market that make claims about penis enlargement, traction is the only non-invasive option that is consistently proven to offer fast, noticeable and permanent results. Good devices that can be used for this include the Male Edge and the popular Jes Extender.

It is amazing how few men currently take advantage of the obvious benefits of enlarging their penises using this simple and very affordable method, but if you are feeling down about your own size or are worried about what the woman (or women) in your life really think, it is definitely the option to try.

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