The Most Outrageous Hairdos

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Hairstyles come and go over the ages – they go in and out of style.  Occasionally, we look back on some hairdos, and they make a comeback with an extra, modern “edge” as part of a retro revival – others, we look back on less fondly.  And sometimes, people get a bit carried away, and we get some truly outrageous hairdos!  This is our guide to some of the most over-the-top hairstyles both past and present!


The “real-life Rapunzel”

Measuring in at 55ft. (longer than a bus) and weighing 3 stone, Asha Mandela from the United States hasn’t cut her epic dreadlocks in over 25 years!  Her doctors have even warned her that she could become paralysed from the weight of her hair, and she generally needs somebody to help her carry it!  That said, the “real-life Rapunzel” is very hygienic; she goes through numberous bottles of shampoo per day to keep her record-breaking locks looking great, and she’s even got her own range of products!

Literally anything that Lady Gaga does

Gaga’s know for her avant-garde sense of style as well as her avant-garde pop songs.  However, this isn’t just limited to her albums and her sense of dress (which, by the way, includes wearing an oversized, red latex number to meet the Queen), but it extends up to her hair as well.  Even her more “regular” hairstyles are edgy (the cover of her Fame Monster album for reference), but when she’s shaping her locks into bows, giant buttons and even putting roller-esque beer cans in a massive beehive (no, really, she actually did this), Lady Gaga is a living monument to utterly bonkers hair for the ages.

“Art” hair

Hairdressing is an art.  You might argue that that’s an anecdotal saying, but in the case of hair artistes, this is something to be taken literally!  These epic and elaborate hairstyles have to be seen to be believed – multi-layered, multi-coloured and multi-faceted – you probably wouldn’t have time to fix your hair in this fashion every morning before the school run, but for a one-off occasion, you’d certainly have no trouble standing out!  Great conversation piece, too.

Kazuhiro Watanabe

113.5cm.  That’s how tall Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe’s mohawk is.  In 2011, Watanabe became the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s tallest Mohican-style hairdo.  But of course, being a fashion designer, he’s not just some strange eccentric doing it for the kicks (well, debatably) – while his hair his ridiculously tall, he looks damn good wearing it, and pulls it off with a real swagger.
Those are just a sample of some of the wacky, scary and down-right outrageous hairdos that exist in the world today.  We’re sure there are more out there waiting to be discovered, and we’re excited to hear about them!  If you have an outrageous hair story that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!  If you have pictures, even better! Post them for us all to see.

Author Bio:

Article by Arran Garside, who particularly likes Lady Gaga’s button hair and often writes for RM-UK.

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