Nootropics – Brain and Effective IQ, Cognitive Smart Drug

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Nootropics are great drugs and enhancer for effective brain performance and functionality. These drugs are great because they can boost the brain power and increase human focus and total concentration.


Nootropics are drugs made up of chemical component that works with the pituitary hormone and enhance IQ level.

Most people discover their memory starts to go down in their late teens and this can be as a result of some un-noticed factors which includes; Stress, Smoking, Excessive Alcohol, lack of enough sleep, taking hard drugs amongst others. Learning process in human life requires two cognitive skills “Memory and Concentration”.

Memory: which I the ability to remember what you have learnt, Concentration: is the Ability to hold your attention unto a particular thing and control your focus on what you’ve learnt.

Nootropics basically are made up of “medications, food supplements, mineral nutrients, enhancer, functional foods, fruit minerals and lot more organic components.

Research has proven that nootropics act as a vasodilator. ‘Vasodilator” are forms f medications that enables the blood vessels in the body to open up, this reactions tends t increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. Insufficient flow of oxygen to the brain can lead to the problem “concentration lapse”.

Since Nootropics work with the brain it also improves the overall health, mind and body system; however medications like “amphetamines are basically for short term mental stimuli and hence, they are not considered as nootropics”.

There are many Information about Nootropics drugs out there, it has been observed that most people that takes nootropics experience improvement in their overall well-being but more significant improve in memory, moods, concentration and focus, motivational and some emotional reactions.

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  • Great Article! Just started trying out different nootropics to help improve my life and this article helped me bring some clarity on the subject