Multiple Personality Day 2017

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For several years according to the National Day Calendar’s website, March 5 is the unofficial holiday known as Multiple Personality Day. This unofficial holiday is not listed on standard calendars, not even on Oriental Trading’s calendar which lists such holidays as Margarita Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, International Polar Bear Day, and many more that are not noted as national holidays.

The only calendar one will find Multiple Personality Day is on the National Day Calendar’s website.
Multiple Personality Day


This holiday is thought of in a couple of different ways, depending on who you might ask. Some people believe it to be a day of awareness of the mental disorder commonly referred to as Multiple Personality disorder or in more clinical terms, Dissociative disorder (DID). This disorder occurs when a person has two or more dominant personalities that can take control of them at any given time. Both personalities have completely different idealizations, morals, ethics, etc. DID is a rare disorder, and studies have shown that in the general population only 1-3 people meet the specifications for multiple personality disorder.

That fact is part of the reason that those who have not been affected by it in some way do not believe it is a true disorder.

Possible Symptoms

There are several symptoms that may or may not be recognizable in a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. These can include-depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies, sleep issues like insomnia, sleep walking, or night terrors, anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks, just to name a few. It’s suggested that you research for more information if you know someone with many of these symptoms. Many experts believe that the different personalities in an affected person have been caused by a deep, psychological, or traumatizing event in that person’s childhood causing them to disassociate themselves in order to survive what the trauma is or was.

The fact remains that even if you don’t believe in the disorder, the persons that do and that are afflicted by it need awareness and help, not labels and stereotypes. Knowing that you many have multiple personalities is hard enough, imagine going through the black outs, memory losses, loss of time, or any of the other problems that can occur when one personality is taking over and the other has no idea what is happening. These reasons and more are why Multiple Personality Day happens every year. Awareness is the key to helping the affected population.

As for the rest of the population that may recognize the holiday, it is all about self-expression of your different sides. Everyone acts differently depending on the situation. For instance, when at work, the professional you takes over, the focused side. There is work to be done, and you are the one that has to do so. Sometimes we might even dress differently for our jobs, which would not be our normal fashion style. This is just one side of our different personalities that we express for Multiple Personality Day.

Many people even share photographs of their different selves. So maybe you have a photo of yourself with a funny hat on, a simple smile, an angry frown, a Halloween costume, or just a silly face, these are all different sides of human personalities, and they are to be celebrated as well on Multiple Personality Day. Let your different selves shine, and show the world how emotions and multiple personalities make us who we are and who we are should be celebrated everyday not just on special days.

One thing we should all remember is that if you say hello to someone on Multiple Personality Day, you should definitely stop to think that you may have to say hello more than once to the same person because, after all, on Multiple Personality Day 2017 everyone has various personalities that should be acknowledged. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 5, 2017, and let all of your sides out to play, but be wise to remember that there truly are disorders such as DID in the world and always be aware of the struggle that those affected have. #multiplepersonalityday, #march52017, #multiplepersonality, #awareness, #dissociativeidentitydisorder, #DID, #MPD


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