Mods and Batteries: a Guide to the World of E-cigarettes

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E-Cigarettes are the perfect device for those who want to cut down on cigarettes, or even quit them completely. They contain less harmful ingredients than that of a cigarette (did you know you are inhaling ingredients such as acetone, naphthalene, vinyl chloride, ammonia and arsenic!) with just nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavouring being ingredients. They are seemingly less toxic and harmful than a cigarette.

Here is what you need to know about the different mods and batteries that your e-cigarette will need to operate.

Mods and BatteriesBatteries

This is the main power source. It can be charged through a USB port. When looking at the e-cigarette, it is the longest part of the device. Different batteries offer different amounts of power. It is recommended to pay attention to the charging time and how long the battery stays charged for. The last thing you need is when a craving hits and the battery has died.


A mod refers to a part of the e-cig that has been modified to improve the function of the device. Those who are more experienced with E-Cigarettes use mods. They are more customized to the smoker, or user of the device. They also contain no electronics and the circuit is closed by using a mechanical action switch.

EGO Style Batteries

Whether it is eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C they all use the same type of battery. If you have all three, you are able to change the same battery between them. There are four different features in these batteries:

  1. The five click safety function – this is on newer batteries. With just five clicks of the activation button your device will be off and you can then slip it into your pocket or purse. Then to turn it back on, you would click the same button five more times. This way it becomes more difficult to turn on your e-cigarette if it is resting in your purse or pocket. We all remember how easy it was to butt dial on our old cell phones, right?
  2. Low battery notification – as stated this will let you know when the battery is low on the eGo-C batteries. It is not yet available on the other eGo batteries.
  3. Manual battery operation – all three types of eGo batteries require manual activation. It is not as difficult as you may think. It only requires you to hold down a button while taking a puff or draw. You then apparently have more control over the length and warmth of the draw.
  4. eGo battery sizes – there are three different sizes. The larger the battery the longer the life span between charges. The three different sizes are 650mAh, 900mAh and 1000mAh. The larger the mAh the longer the battery lasts. All are same in diameter though they do get longer as they get larger.

Box Mods

Most mods I have seen have been box mods. They box is the battery and you store the liquid on top, then press the button and vape. They are more powerful and used by hobbyists. It is advised that if you are just replacing smoking, there is no need for such a powerful machine. If you are not using an e-cigarette to replace then this box mods is ideal to fight your cravings if you are not able to step outside.

It is recommended that you purchase a starter kit with these. It will come with the box, tank and atomized base. Its user is able to adjust the voltage for a stronger or a weaker vape.

One of the models is Evict VTC Mini. It is more powerful, more versatile and better than the standard tank. Those reviewing it have states they are off regular cigarettes and only depend on this mod box.

Mechanical Mods

Tesla Two Mod – intended only for RDA vaping. It provides power and purity while being small and discrete. There is less hassle since there are no screens or +/- signs. There is also a constant 4.2 volts and only drops when battery is becoming low. It is made of aluminium rather than steel. The LED light changes colour as the voltage drops. Blue is between 3.65-4.2 volts and red is between 3.2-3.65 volts. For this particular model a micro USB cable is not included.


When wanting to quit, or cut back, on smoking look into E-Cigarettes. They contain less harmful ingredients such as tar, acetone, ammonia and arsenic. There are multiple different kinds to purchase as well. The eGo version is more for those looking to quit cigarettes completely. It also offers more safety features and array of battery life options. My favourite part is the five clicks to turn off and five clicks to turn back on. For the mods you do not need to have the aspiration to quit. It is so you can have the same strength and power of a regular cigarette minus the fact that you can smoke it anywhere.


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