Infographic: Mastering the Art of Sleep – Top Tips

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Insomnia is an illness and people suffering from it try all sorts of remedies to get over it. The reason people suffer sleep disorder could be many: mental or emotional disturbances, disruption in one’s circadian rhythm- the natural 24-hour clock in living things, poor lifestyle habits which are in conducive, sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome etc. Sometimes even the environment becomes responsible for sleep disorder. Loud noise, light, temperature acts as an impediment too. Hormonal changes or pregnancy cause less sleep in women.

In order to enjoy sound sleep, it is recommended to avoid taking naps during the day; avoid eating, reading and watching TV in the bedroom; avoid eating heavy meals at night and also avoid taking caffeine, alcohol or tobacco before sleeping.

Some simple measures, when initiated, improve the quality of sleep. Taking hot bath or a warm cup of milk or even doing meditation for about 20 minutes help sleep better.

Resort to mindfulness and use it properly at your sleeping time. When lying awake, notice what is happening in your mind and your body and make space for your thoughts. This is a more conscious approach to have a clutter free mind which stimulates sound sleep. Few steps to follow for awakening sleep consciousness are:

  • Welcome your ‘unwelcome thoughts’.
  • Describe what these thoughts are in a non- judgmental way.
  • Visualize a space in your head for these thoughts to sit and observe them rather than fight them.

Mindfulness allows you to accept and observe your sleepless state, facilitating natural sleep to follow. Wind up and wind down are the new age jargons associated with formulating healthy sleeping habits.

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Wind down is what you do half an hour or more before sleep time. Wind up is what you do on waking. Both are equally important for a sound mind and body.


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