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6 Hacks for Students on How to Lead a Health-promoting Lifestyle

Keeping your body in good shape is not a one-day job but rather a result of intense work and willpower. Due to the infinity...
healthy at work

Living Healthy, and Looking the Part

In this day and age, healthy living is pretty much as important as, well, living. We have a humongous intake of questionable produce and...
Healthy Eyesight

9 Common Habits That Are Destroying Your Eyes

Your eyes are very important organs because you can’t see without them and therefore this single reason should make you guard and protect your...
Being Lazy

How to Stop Being Lazy and Start Achieving Your Goals?

We all have experienced moments where we feel less energetic and struggle to find motivation. Its normal to feel this way occasionally, but when...
Coconut Water

Coconut Water and 10 Other Fruits and Drink to Treat a Hangover

When you drink to much alcohol your body reacts and the result is a hangover.Symptoms of hangover include nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light, fatigue,...

Should You Drink More Alcohol to Treat a Hangover?

Sometimes when you go out to have a few bottles of drink with friends, you may end up having more than you bargained for....

Christmas and Your Mental Health

The Christmas holiday has a way of elevating our stress levels and maybe even worse for individuals with mental ill-health. A number of activities...
Daily Meds

7 Things People Who Take Daily Meds Want You to Know

Needing to take medication every day is a challenge. From soaring drug costs to stigma against certain medications and conditions, here are a few...

Canadian Catholic School Teachers Required to Sign Anti-gay ‘values’ Contract

The Calgary Catholic School district in Canada is having it hot for reportedly telling its teachers to sign documents that noted that same-sex relationships...
Gilly Flaherty

Lesbian Footballer Gilly Flaherty Talks About Her Sexuality and the Rainbow Band Movement

Gilly Flaherty is a lesbian footballer who has recently decided to talk about her sexuality. Flaherty opened up during a powerful video where she discussed her support...


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