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Josie Totah

Josie Totah Identifies as a Transgender Female

JJ, who is now known as Josie Totah has finally gathered up enough courage to identify as transgender in an essay published in Times...
Chloe Grace Montez

Chloe Grace Montez and Sexual Fluidity

Chloe Grace Montez believes sexual fluidity is the future and she has good reasons. Chloe starred recently in a movie titled the miseducation of...
Hernando Umana

Hernando Umana Says He Is a Proud Gay Man Living With HIV

People living with HIV/Aids find it challenging to come out in the open with their status because of the stereotype they are likely to...
Transgender Youths

New York City Photographer Empowers Transgender Youths Through Art

If there's one thing that is beautiful, powerful and stands the test of time, its art. Art in whatever form has been a useful...

Model Says His Agency Dropped Him for Being Queer and Asian

Eurocentric beauty standards are redefining how people look at themselves. In movies, billboards, TV commercials, and magazines, we are always reminded that tall, thin,...
Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Will Play Batwoman, An Openly Lesbian Superhero

The CW has cast Aussie actor Ruby Rose as Batwoman, "an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter," the network announced Tuesday.Rose, who was...
Ejaculating Dildo

The Ejaculating Dildo: Berman’s Invention

Lesbian couples and trans guys have always wanted a more realistic sex experience with their partner especially have they have to use sex toys....


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