Model Says His Agency Dropped Him for Being Queer and Asian

Eurocentric beauty standards are redefining how people look at themselves. In movies, billboards, TV commercials, and magazines, we are always reminded that tall, thin,...
Sara Ramirez

Why Sara Ramirez Opened Up About Her Sexuality?

Sara Ramirez has been quiet about her sexuality for a long time, but after the shooting at Orlando's plus nightclub and subsequent violence against...
Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Surprises Gay Student Abandoned by Parents

Ellen DeGeneres has been surprising people for decades, and she isn't about to stop. Ellen left Seth Owen speechless during his appearance on the...

Prime Minister Says Transgender Reforms Must Put Into Consideration It’s Impact on Women

Prime minister Theresa May fielded criticism from Tory MP David TC Davies on the proposals for Trans reforms. MP Davis is an opponent of LGBT+...
Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Will Play Batwoman, An Openly Lesbian Superhero

The CW has cast Aussie actor Ruby Rose as Batwoman, "an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter," the network announced Tuesday. Rose, who was...

India Decriminalises Same Sex Intercourse After 150 Years

After about a 150years of struggle and uncertainty for the gay community in India, a colonial-era law that placed a ban on intercourse between...

Polish City holds first LGBT equality walk

History was made on the 13th of October in the polish city of lublin as it's first prime match ever took place despite the...
Aaron Philip

Transgender Model With Cerebral Palsy Signed by Major Modelling Agency

Black, transgender, and disabled model Aaron Philip have been signed by one of the world’s leading modeling agency. The 17-years old transgender female model announced...

Couple Kill Child for Being Bisexual

Another tragic, sad news as a ten-year-old Anthony Avalos was tortured and killed by his mother and her boyfriend for being gay. Heather Maxine Barron,...
Emile Ratelband

Man Sues to Legally Reduce Age Since It Is Legal to Be Transgender

Since people have been granted the right to change their gender to whatever gender they identify as emotionally, some other people are seeking to...

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