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lesbian couple

Emergency Services Department Denies Discriminating Against Lesbian Couple

A lesbian couple from Alberta, western Canada, voiced their complaint about getting laid off from their emergency services job and the reason was that...
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Says “No Place for Gay Men in Clergy”

Pope Francis has recently been quoted to have said "there is no place” in the priesthood for gay people and that he is seriously worried...
Premier League LGBT

Man City, Chelsea and more Premier League clubs trolled for LGBT support

The English Premier League clubs showed their support for Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign this week. There have been countless homophobic comments online from fans of...

Most People in Singapore Vote to Keep Anti-gay Law

A recently conducted survey of 1000 citizens of Singapore has shown that most people in the country desire to keep its anti-gay law Section...
LGBT Pride

Beyoncé Makes Human LGBT Pride Flag With Back Up Dancers

Popstar Beyoncé showed her love for the LGBT community as she made a human LGBT+ pride flag with her backup dancers at the global...

Trans People Feel Threatened as the President Trump Administration Guts Trans-rights Guidance

The president Donald Trump administration has allegedly gutted transgender rights guidance for federal employees quietly as agencies have been told to treat people only on...

Gay Couples Set to Access IVF Treatments in Dutch Clinics From 2019

Gay couples in the Nederland's are in a celebratory mood as clinics in the Netherlands will start offering IVF treatments to surrogate mothers and...

Top US Preacher Warns Member Against Faggots

Some religious leaders seem to be drawing a battle line between them and the LGBT community as a video spreading like wildfire in tweeter...
Emile Ratelband

Man Sues to Legally Reduce Age Since It Is Legal to Be Transgender

Since people have been granted the right to change their gender to whatever gender they identify as emotionally, some other people are seeking to...
Mariasilvia Spolato

Italy’s First Publicly Gay Woman Dies at 83

The first woman in Italian history to come out as a lesbian has passed on at the age of 83. Italian gay woman, Mariasilvia Spolato...


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