Is Essure Really Safe?

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A birth controlling contraceptive device by the name Essure was introduced by the Conceptus Inc. a Bayer AG Pharmaceutical subsidiary, and it was approved by the FDA in 2002. This device was an alternate classic tubal ligation in order to sterilize females. The major advantage of using this device, instead of any other method, was that the patient was not required to go through anesthesia, as this device could be implanted inside the body without having to undergo any sort of surgery. However, over time many complaints were filed against the device by women claiming that they have had to go through severe injuries because of it.

EssureThe Side Effects of Essure

This contraceptive device is said to have many side effects. Women implanted with it have said to have suffered from numerous dangerous reactions because of it. These reactions include some life threatening health troubles such as the breakage of the device and its migration throughout the entire body. This can cause an organ perforation to take place as well!

Essure Lawsuits

You do not need to undergo surgery in order to get this device implanted. The device includes a pair of coils made of metal which are inserted into the fallopian tubes this then causes a scar tissue to form over them which helps in blocking the tubes. This way the sperm cells are unable to fertilize the eggs. This means that there is no way that fertilization can take place, making this device an effective contraceptive. However, there are still some adverse effects associated with it. Through the famous lawyer, Erin Brockovich, dozens of lawsuits that have been filed by women who have suffered from several injuries and health problems due to this device have been brought to court. These women are now asking the FDA to recall the faulty device. The experiences of these women are being used to spread awareness regarding the risks of using this device. Over a brief period of time the Essure lawsuits have increased in number.

The number of adverse reports filed has now reached a huge amount that can no longer be ignored anymore. Many patients had to experience numerous adverse reactions that have damaged their lives to a great extent, hindering them from carrying out their daily activities. These side effects included pelvic and back pain, heavy bleeding, severe headaches, and a continuous sense of fatigue. While others have had to be operated right after the device was implanted as it had broken inside them, causing organ perforation. Also, there is a risk that you might end up getting pregnant after all.

The Investigation

After the completion of the investigation it has been discovered that this medical device is severely lacking, therefore there are chances that the device might get recalled.


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